Xucun strawberry is delicate and charming, “rural revitalization fruit” not only fragrant ripples, but also profound connotation

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On February 15, 2022, the strawberry garden of Rongpeng Ecological Sightseeing Farm, Xu Village, Wangtai Street, West Coast New Area, Qingdao, Shandong ushered in the first strawberry harvest season. The strawberry greenhouse was fresh, tender and fragrant, and the sweet smile of the strawberry was very beautiful and intoxicatingly pleasing.01 first crop of sweet strawberry respect for the elderly magpie mountain, wrong river, vast Xu village myriad.At 9:30am on February 15, 2022, the strawberry greenhouse of Rongpeng Ecological Sightseeing Farm in Xu Village became lively. Fifteen elderly people from Grid villages under the control of Xu Village Party Committee, such as Xu Village village, Yue Jia, walked into the strawberry greenhouse with the fragrance of strawberries surrounded by children and xu Village Party committee members.The old people who walked into the strawberry greenhouse were surrounded by the fragrance of strawberry instantly, and everyone was happy.”Big ye, eat strawberry, the first strawberry sweet!”Xu village party secretary Han Zongxiang said while handing out two fresh red strawberries for an old man.Xu Village Yu Haixia holds a bunch of strawberries for the 90-year-old Xing Tongluan: “Aunt, eat your strawberries.”Mother Xing took a bite, and instantly her mouth was filled with strawberry fragrance: “Really sweet!”Xing mother said happily.In the strawberry greenhouse, the old people who are easy to move slowly walk into the fields full of strawberries and pick strawberries to taste, while the old people who are not easy to move sit on the benches in the greenhouse, and the children pick strawberries and put them in baskets and hold them for the old people to taste.Xu village Party secretary Han Zongxiang told the visiting media said, Xu village strawberry garden today ushered in the first strawberry harvest, we put the first fresh strawberries to the elderly, please five grid village elderly to taste fresh sweet delicious strawberries, highlight the love for the elderly, transfer and the tradition of love and respect for the elderly.Participating in the first strawberry tasting activities of the old people in high spirits, we give praise to the practice of Xu Village Party Committee.Greenhouses outside the cold, greenhouses in love, we celebrate the Lantern Festival together in deep respect for the elderly.When the old man of Xu Village was tasting the sweetness of the first strawberry, several tourists came to the strawberry greenhouse of Rongpeng Ecological Sightseeing Farm of Xu Village to pick and buy fresh and tender strawberries.Looking at rows of red strawberries hanging on the edge of the ridge, several tourists can not help but be delighted.A visitor excitedly said: “Xu village is famous peach village and taro village, summer and autumn we often come to pick apricot, peach and taro, and now can pick strawberries, Xu village village picking tour will soon be prosperous.”The tourist praised the four-season picking tour in Xu Village, which is one of the highlights of the party Committee’s work on rural revitalization since last year.Xu village as the “peach garden” famous new area, with the fire of spring peach blossom, summer and autumn picking peach, taro and other local products “Xu Village picking tour” has been widely talked about, attracted people’s footsteps.However, there are still “short board” in xu Village picking tour, the short board is no resources in winter and spring picking, no place to go.Therefore, xu Village Party Committee in the rural revitalization of the force to make up the “short board”, from the creation of a “flower language fruit town” new Xu village, after careful planning, Xu Village Rongpeng ecological tourism farm was born.Xu Village Rongpeng ecological sightseeing farm based on the development of Xu Village picking tour, currently built strawberry, tomato planting greenhouse, the next development of dragon fruit, blueberry and other fruits and vegetables planting……Therefore, the picking tour in Xu Village forms a “closed loop” form, and tourists can pick in Xu Village all the year round to meet everyone’s desire and demand for rural picking tour.In recent days, Rongpeng Ecological sightseeing Farm in Xu Village has attracted people’s attention. Many tourists are eager to come to Xu Village to experience the fun of picking strawberries and tomatoes and harvest the happiness brought by rural revitalization.In spring, the sun is shining and the air is fresh in Xu Village.Strawberry varieties introduced by Rongpeng Ecological Sightseeing Farm in Xucun this year, such as Sweet treasure, have matured and come on the market, and tomatoes have gradually entered the maturity stage.Rongpeng ecological tourism farm is responsible for the operation of the fruit farmers introduced that this year’s strawberry garden planted strawberries are not only big, good luster, high appearance level, pollution-free, its taste is also very “overbearing”, sugar, water content, vitamin content is also high, tourists in the park can be at ease to pick down to eat.Rongpeng Ecological Sightseeing Farm of Xu Village is located in the river of Cuoshui, which is a modern agricultural park integrating leisure sightseeing, free picking and fruit supply. It has injected vitality and vitality into the development of picking tourism and ecological agriculture in Xu Village, and also demonstrates the development concept of ecological agriculture that “clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains”.The tapestry of rural revitalization was replicated by a huge pen to draw a new blueprint for the era.Early spring season, Xu Village Rongpeng ecological sightseeing farm strawberry greenhouse is full of spring, full of vitality.As strawberries continue to mature, ushered in the tourists picking experience sightseeing, gradually began to become a leisure sightseeing entertainment, experience the joy of farming, tourism strawberry picking garden, to friends from all over the world to provide a good place to get close to nature and rural “net red card place”.