The groom was blocked at the door, the domineering aunt showed the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code: no red envelopes only support transfer

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Preamble The Spring Festival has just passed and it is a very auspicious day. Many people who are planning to get married have held their weddings recently, which means “happiness is doubled”. Therefore, there are a lot of wedding videos that have been flooded many people’s moments recently.Talking about wedding ceremony, to the bride’s family ridiculous is an extremely important link, also took the kiss knows, will meet the woman in front of the ridiculous sisters group’s deliberately obstruct, encountered such a situation, ridiculous group will think of some way to help resolve many difficulties, the groom and the most direct method is definitely money “bribe” the bride’s sister, send them some red envelopes,This is often very effective.Therefore, when picking up brothers to help the groom, they would prepare some red envelopes with different amounts for emergency use. For the groom, as long as he could pick up the bride smoothly, he would not feel distressed to spend some money.Groom ridiculous had been blocked by the bride sister door in suzhou, jiangsu province, who gave a moonbeam in ridiculous was met by the bride’s family, the groom and other brother was a domineering woman resistance at the door, since the groom get red envelopes sent to the woman, but woman threw a red envelope on the floor, take out the mobile phone used qr code, said don’t red envelopes, only support the transfer,Otherwise the groom takes a break to pick up the bride, and the woman is not a member of the bride sisters, but the bride’s aunt. What is the purpose of her doing this?On February 18, a video of the wedding sparked attention online.Originally, on February 17, a groom in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, took a brotherhood party to pick up his bride, but was blocked by the bride’s aunt.The video shows the domineering aunt, dressed in a khaki maoni gown with close-cropped hair, standing like a domineering executive outside the bride’s boudoir and demanding that the groom pay money before entering the room to pick her up.If it was the bridesmaids of the bride asking for money in a red envelope that could be understood, but it was really rare for a big aunt to give money on the way. The people who received the brotherhood could not help discussing in succession, saying that how could this woman be so indecorous that she was not afraid of being ashamed to give money.Sister don’t red envelopes to groom for such scenes also as one of the surprise, reminded by others, the groom hurriedly took out a red envelope pass in front of the great thought sister after he received a red envelope will be released, but after she received a red envelope is put red on the ground, from his pocket a mobile phone rang a few times, at the groom with a collection of qr code,The groom is required to scan the code in public, or not released.Aunt’s move, immediately triggered the presence of guests nest, someone said: don’t don’t, we go back.Another said: “What does it mean to throw a red envelope on the ground?Isn’t a red envelope money?Aunt ignored other people’s views, holding a mobile phone to the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code Yang a few times: you don’t want to rely on, to gift money on the two-dimensional code.One person wants to cheat.As the aunt plays the game, the atmosphere of the scene began to tense up, a man with glasses came over to comfort the aunt, told her not to get angry on the big day.But the aunt looked furious and refused to let the groom enter the house until she received the money.Finally, the groom in order not to delay their own marriage, had to pick up the red envelope on the ground, took out the mobile code of the aunt’s two-dimensional code, according to the aunt’s request to transfer the money to her mobile phone, just successfully entered the room to meet the bride.The author views that the sister had also experienced a lot of such a ridiculous scene, she had to throw a red envelope on the ground, for the groom to transfer in public, is afraid of the inside of the red envelope money too little, so should ask for gift amount obviously, or she had received amount is too little red envelopes, now learn smart, directly on the qr code set payment amount,Not until she gets the amount she wants.Was thoroughly ridiculous, let the sister so a, the bridegroom’s side, certainly with both of the bride is based on affection and love, great practice is to a good relationship with the thick copper stink, love is priceless, sister, hard to avoid can let a person feel she is want to borrow the ridiculous to beg for money.What do you think about that?New Volcanoes