Shanghai Shanda College: Carefully cultivate digital talents in hotel management

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Recently, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission jointly issued the “Notice on announcing the list of the first Batch of Shanghai Municipal Key Modern Industrial Colleges”, confirming that 18 projects were selected as the first batch of Shanghai municipal key modern Industrial colleges.Shanghai Shanda University has established a cross-platform college of modern Intelligent Service Industry with three municipal first-class undergraduate majors, namely hotel Management, Computer Technology and Science and finance.Zhu Chengqiang, dean of the School of Management, Shanghai Shanda University, believes that the school is closely connected with the industry and takes the lead in exploring the digital transformation of education.”China’s higher education cannot be separated from the industry, and the digital transformation of education should go ahead of the industry.”Zhu chengqiang said.At present, the lack of talents with digital literacy has gradually become a bottleneck restricting the digital transformation of the hotel industry.In fact, many years ago, the School of Management of Shanghai Shanda University (hereinafter referred to as “The School of Management”) began to explore the cultivation of talents with digital literacy.In 2015, the School of Management determined the new orientation of cultivating hotel digital talents for the future of the industry, and explored the adjustment of talent training scheme, construction of teaching environment, school-enterprise cooperation and construction of course system.In March 2021, under the background of the digital transformation and upgrading of the hotel industry, the School of Management and Golden Palm Enterprise jointly established the College of Tourism and Hotel Digital Industry, and set up the experimental teaching center of hotel digital marketing and the Tourism Big data Research Center to cultivate high-quality inter-disciplinary hotel management talents with digital literacy.According to Zhu Chengqiang, in order to cultivate digital talents of hotel management with the integration of knowledge and action, Shanghai Shanda College has introduced five measures:One is to pay attention to the silent value guidance, through the industry cognitive experience, career guidance of hotel managers, peer encouragement of outstanding graduates, craftsman spirit, social responsibility and other elements into the integration, improve students’ sense of identity and mission to the hotel industry;Second, strengthen the basic courses of broad knowledge and broad knowledge, and set up public general courses, basic courses of disciplines and interdisciplinary elective courses that can reflect the characteristics of new liberal arts to improve students’ interdisciplinary integration ability;Three is the construction of high quality advanced professional courses, the construction to the hotel revenue management hotel mobile marketing, such as “new media marketing actual combat” digital frontier hotel group, set up big data analytics, the new media marketing of tourism, hotel revenue management professional, cultivate the students’ hotel digital operation professional accomplishment and ability, promote the competitiveness of the employment;Fourth, carry out practical teaching, promote industry tutors to participate in a number of practical teaching activities, combining teaching competition, professional innovation, improve students’ comprehensive ability;Fifth, promote the teaching reform of combining learning with pleasure, promote the teaching mode of real situation teaching, serious game learning, real task comprehensive experiment and so on, and cultivate students’ comprehensive ability.At the same time, Shanghai Sanda College also cooperates with meituan, Ctrip and other enterprises to carry out digital talent vocational qualification certification and digital talent skills competition to create a digital education atmosphere.Teaching innovation: Promoting the Integration of knowledge and Action with digital Environment “How should a European-style resort hotel in Shanghai choose the time to hold festival activities in order to make its revenue exceed the same period of the previous year?When the question popped up on a screen in the hotel’s new digital smart classroom, students gave their reasons for their “decision” after some thought.”In the hotel’s new digital smart classroom, the Serious Game sandbox system gives the team’s decision score and ranking, depending on the options.Teachers will also adjust the teaching focus according to the decision-making results and feedback of students, and answer students’ questions, so as to improve the teaching efficiency and effect.It’s both a game and a classroom supported by a digital education environment.”Management college hotel management professional yuan teacher said.According to understand, school of management, hotel digital new wisdom classrooms equipped with remote teaching system, hotels, intelligent machine digital marketing and online sales of software, the virtual simulation experiment teaching platform, operation of the game sand construction of hotel facilities and software system, form a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, you’ll learn the new teaching environment,Achieve classroom reform and intelligent teaching curriculum remodeling.Students solve practical problems in immersive and personalized learning, and their digitalized thinking, digital literacy and innovation ability have all been improved.In Zhu chengqiang’s opinion, the significance of building a digital teaching environment is to further promote students’ theoretical learning and practical learning “the unity of knowledge and action”.Shanghai Shanda College has built the experimental teaching Center of hotel Management and Digital Operation, which integrates teaching, scientific research and social service. The experimental teaching center has 85 rooms, creating a digital teaching atmosphere for students. It is the leading practice teaching base of “doing middle school” and “front shop and back yard” in China.”On the basis of version 1.0, we created a version 2.0 digital teaching environment — tourism Big Data and Virtual simulation Experimental Teaching Center for the cultivation of digital talents.Shanghai as college set up the digital tourism and hotel industry college, providing proactive virtual simulation experiment teaching platform, from the tourist reception center, large data monitoring command platform, the wisdom to the intelligent grading system of scenic spots, let the students in the immersion teaching environment through the study of micro video flip, sand table simulation exercises, virtual simulation training, etc.,Strengthen students’ ability to use digital technology.”Zhu chengqiang said.At present, Shanghai Shanda College is planning the 3.0 version of “Artificial Intelligence, Science and Technology Application” intelligent Building experimental Teaching center. “The new teaching center can provide more comprehensive data collection and more optimized algorithm model, and further improve students’ digital literacy and application ability.Using AI technology will not only make management smarter, but also education smarter.”Zhu chengqiang said.Relying on the digital teaching environment, the School of Management has held several training courses for teachers of tourism and hotel digital courses, in which teachers from more than 60 colleges and universities across the country gathered to discuss talent cultivation in the digital era.Thanks to the talent cultivation model of digital transformation, the employment rate of students in the School of Management has been higher than 97% in recent years, and has not declined even two years after the COVID-19 outbreak.”I have learned the course of tourism big data analysis and had access to data visualization tools in school, which are very helpful for me to access the same type of computer tools after work.””The school not only teaches us knowledge, but also the ability to think logically,” said Shen Qiu, a tourism management graduate from the school of Management.It is worth mentioning that in the past two years, the enrollment quota of the School of Management has expanded from 400 to 2100 students.”In the past two years, some universities have reduced the number of students and even cancelled some majors.But in my opinion, the crisis is organic. After the epidemic passes, the hotel industry will definitely need a large number of professionals.Of course, we have to think about what kind of hospitality the students we recruit today will face four years from now.”Zhu chengqiang said that the school of Management pays attention to cultivating management talents with digital literacy and digital application ability, which is to reserve more outstanding talents for the recovery of the hotel industry.