Ruan Jingtian official declared love: sun girlfriend intimate photo, she is a very ordinary girl

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Ruan jingtian officially announced his new love on February 5, Taiwan media said Ruan Jingtian finally ushered in the official announcement of the moment, in the New Year, he also ushered in their new life.Ruan declared his relationship publicly, Posting intimate photos with his girlfriend, whom he then described as a very ordinary girl.Ruan Jingtian posted: New Year ushered in some new hope, she is a very ordinary girl, I hope you give us a little space to get to know each other, thank you for your understanding, wish you a happy New Year, peace and health.From the photos he shared, the woman is a long-haired beauty, ruan Jingtian and her head together in the lens, although the woman was funny to wear sunglasses deliberately covered his face and did not reveal the face, but still can see that the other party has a sweet smile.Ruan jingtian affectionate confession of the lady, and said that she is a simple girl, we hope to give enough time to both sides to know each other.However, it is not unusual for Ruan to officially announce his new relationship at this time. After all, ruan’s relationship is not enough to cause a big stir before the Winter Olympics and Chinese New Year.But Taiwan media early in the front said Ruan Jingtian has a new love suspected to be by the former girlfriend Xu Weining married Qiu Ze, but from Taiwan media to obtain new news, Ruan Jingtian officially declared girlfriend is belongs to outsiders, and people in the entertainment industry has no relationship, and is a low-key office worker.That is to say, Ruan jingtian’s girlfriend is a girl who has no relation with the entertainment circle, and belongs to the ordinary and ordinary one.No wonder Ruan Jingtian will describe the New Year to usher in a few new hope, estimate he is very fond of this an ordinary ordinary cummer.Ruan jingtian broke up with his old love Xu Weining in 2015, but in fact, he has been quite low-key about his relationship. In the recent variety show, he was even reported to have a brother-sister relationship with Song Zuer, but this is just a CP effect in the program, not true.Although in with Xu Weining open male and female friends after the relationship, he also once spread some gossip, but to this Ruan Jingtian has never admitted.This time he is open about love, Taiwan media speculated that there are two possibilities.The first is that at the age of 39, he has begun to worry, like Lin Feng, ready to complete his life events before the age of 40.The second possibility is that Ruan has moved the idea of marriage, began to prepare for a new relationship.