Pan Hui of provincial Construction Department visited Sanmen County to investigate the reconstruction of old residential areas and future community construction

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Recently, provincial construction department urban construction director pan Hui led a team to investigate sanmen county town old community reconstruction and future community construction work, the city construction Bureau city construction Department Chen Chaoping accompanied.The research group has inspected sanmen county fourth batch of future community “heart lake future community” related construction situation and The segete community, Zhaohui community, Xishan community three old community transformation, and in the county construction bureau on the fourth floor of the conference room held a symposium.At the meeting, jiang Yingming, deputy director of the county’s urban and rural landscape improvement work special class and Fang Tu, leader of the comprehensive publicity supervision group, introduced in detail the basic situation and joint promotion of our county’s 2021-2022 future community and old community.The participants actively offered suggestions, discussed and communicated the difficulties and problems existing in the process of advancing the work of the future community and the old community, and put forward relevant opinions and suggestions.Provincial construction department research group highly affirmed my county for the transformation of the old district actively plan special funds, and put forward several requirements for the relevant work: one, substantive operation.Will implement the old community and the future community of the special class management work, the realization of concrete operation, verification, supervision, report the monthly plan.Two, flexible creation.The fifth batch of future community creation time can be adjusted flexibly according to local conditions, reasonable arrangement of creation content, and try to speed up the creation progress.Third, digital platform.Provinces and cities will build digital platforms, and districts and counties will build smart service platform templates. According to local characteristics, they can connect and use them by themselves, so as to create lightweight, standardized, low-cost and efficient community smart service platforms, and open up an integrated intelligent public data platform, urban brain and grassroots governance.Fourth, global promotion.Sanmen County should integrate the concept of future community into urban and rural construction and promote the future community towards the whole area according to the regulations on future community construction and the guidance of promoting future community in the whole area.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: