Chaozhou opera will be presented at CCTV Spring Festival Gala

2022-06-24 0 By

The 2022 Spring Festival Opera Gala will be broadcast by the China Media Group on Feb 1 (the first day of the first lunar month).The show included more than 30 opera genres and more than 70 opera troupes across the country, bringing together actors from the old, middle, young and young generations.Among them, the classic Chao opera Chen SAN Wu Wu Niang (Watching The Lamp), which is co-performed by Lin Yanyun, deputy head of the first Group of Guangdong Chao Opera Theater, plum Blossom Award winner and national first-class actress, and 11 students from the first Chao Opera undergraduate class of The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, including Wu Jialin, Wu Lilting and Dai Shudiao, will be presented in the 2022 Spring Opera Evening.”This time on the CCTV Opera Spring Festival Gala, I and Wu Jialin, Dai Shudiao, Wu Lilting three actors together to perform the classic Chaozhou drama Chen Sanwu Niang segment ‘Watching the Lamp.”The three of them and the dancers in the clip are all students of the first Chaozhou drama undergraduate class at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts.”Lin Yanyun said that the wonderful appearance of this different group in CCTV is a promotion and propaganda of Chaozhou opera art.Chinese opera institute’s chao-ju undergraduate class students, guangdong tide theatre a young actor Wu Jialin excitedly said: “I study into the line of the first play is” Chen San five niang, view lamp “, the classic can ‘play late spring in 2022 with the audience, I also had the opportunity to play the role of five niang so a classic, makes perfect sense to me.”