Book 2, Grade 2, Literacy 3, the story of “Bay”

2022-06-24 0 By

Today is New Year’s Eve. First of all, I wish you all a happy New Year’s Eve and a happy family!On this day of celebration, lesson preparation is also festive.The story of “bei” tells us that most of the characters that use “bei” as an accessory are related to money.This with our second grade volume of pictophonetic learning is echoed, last semester, we focus on understanding a lot of sound, today this lesson and take us to understand the shape, like “bay” “gold” “King” these side are related to the word oh!Have you got the point of this lesson?In addition to the symbols listed in the book, what other symbols do you know that are related to the meaning of words?Think it over, reply in the message!Finally, ONCE again, I wish all the parents who see this message a smooth career, all the best, the children are healthy, learning and progress!Heart [heart]