After receiving nearly 4,000 copyright warnings, the third party Nintendo Music channel abroad announced its closure

2022-06-24 0 By

A youtuber who claims to have received nearly 4,000 copyright warnings from Nintendo for uploading video game soundtracks has announced that they are ending their channel.GilvaSunner, a popular YouTube channel with nearly half a million subscribers, wrote on Twitter that Nintendo had sent them 2,200 warnings in addition to the 1,300 he had previously received from publishers.”After giving it a lot of thought over the past few days, I have decided that it really isn’t worth it to continue operating the channel and will therefore delete the GilvaSunner YouTube channel,” he wrote.IT Home has learned that some of the Nintendo audio content on GilvaSunner’s YouTube channel has now been removed, saying the channel will be closed on Friday.Nintendo has been active in stopping copyright infringement and has set up the Nintendo Creators Program, which is designed to ensure that videos featuring Nintendo games are approved for release.However, the company has since shut down the program, saying it would offer content creators more freedom but issuing strict guidelines for its use.