The Conquest of Tranquility 47

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The sky in W City was still blue. Chen Hui, sitting in his car, leaned against the window and looked up at the sky overhead.I thought, “Finally, I can meet the three of them.”In the car, sitting in the passenger seat is the flu prevention professor Yuan.He was sent here specifically for this virus.The status of this former professor seems to be not simple. It is said that he is a national treasure and has participated in many experiments on the prevention of foreign infectious diseases.His assistant was behind the wheel.This time, I mean, he was sent by his superiors.But more to the point, they had been invited by t-House to discuss the new virus that had been intercepted.Chen Hui was arranged to accompany him.The main reason for Chen Hui’s dispatch was that his team was first stationed in the center of W City.You’ll know more about the city than any other employee.The second reason is that the college has been sent out.The rest either have more important things to study or are old and infirm.Coincidentally, Chen Hui happens to be one of the old, weak and disabled, and his injury has just recovered, waiting to return to the team.The director assigned him out without a hitch.Chen Hui did not plan to come at first, because his application for returning to the team had been approved, but there was no way out.Where is revolutionary work not to be done?We had to follow the instructions of our superiors and lead the way for the two new comrades.And it’s in W City, so at least you haven’t left the city.He agreed.Chen Hui was very happy when he arrived in W City.Because this is a place he’s familiar with.And they’re all here, so maybe we’ll meet at the next corner.The car drove along slowly, and pedestrians came and went.Chen Hui looked at the noise outside the car window, endless excitement to introduce the local characteristics for two people.”Is this your first time here?”Chen Huidao.”Well, you seem to know the place well, don’t you?””The professor asked.”Not really, but I’ve been here on assignment before.”Chen Huidao.”Oh, what mission?Is it convenient to tell?”Professor Yuan said.”Oh, it’s no inconvenience.It’s the same reason you’re here.We’re also here to investigate some exotic virus.I understand from master that this is why you have come this time?”Professor Yuan, sitting in the passenger seat, nodded and said, “Yes.That’s why we’re here.””So the news is true?”Chen Hui asked nervously.What news?”Professor Yuan said.”It’s the virus!Then why have we been searching this place for so long, and nothing?”Chen Hui said.It’s not false. We’ve already proved that.The fact that you can’t find anything means that the timing of the release of the virus isn’t very accurate.I can’t blame you for that.”Chen Hui nodded thoughtfully.”It’s your first time here, so I’ll show you around.Have a taste of the specialties here. The snacks here are quite special.”Seeing the scenery outside the car, Chen Hui began his excited speech in the car again.I gave them a brief introduction of local famous dishes and customs.Where is your unit stationed?”The professor asked.”It’s right around here. Why?Do you need to tell them to stop by?”Chen Hui asked.Not yet.I’ll let you know if I need anything.”Professor Yuan said.The car pulled into the underground parking lot of a hospital and stopped.The parking lot was empty except for a few cars here and there.Turning a corner, the car came to a stop at the entrance to the lift.Just then, out of nowhere, a lot of people in white coats ran.They stood by the car and disinfected it carefully.After the initial disinfection.The three of them got out of the car.