Lawyer Zhou Zhaocheng and Liu Xuezhou before the dribs and DRBS, there is no wechat screenshots or recordings

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Inspired by Sun Zhuo’s search for relatives, Liu Xuezhou, the abducted child, hopes very much to find his biological parents.In Liu Xuezhou unremitting efforts, finally found his own parents, however, Liu Xuezhou happy tears have not dried, but was abandoned again by his father and mother.Liu Xuezhou, sad and abjection, ended his life with a “born light, also net” article, leaving himself to the vast sea.See Liu Xuezhou’s article, many netizens praise liu Xuezhou’s beautiful writing style, but Cui Ge believes that the reason why Liu Xuezhou can write so carefully beautiful article, the most important reason is because liu Xuezhou’s heart pure thoughts and suffering fate.Liu Xuezhou’s unique article is the heart of the blood into, is the result of torture conscience with life, is inserted into Liu Xuezhou’s own parents and those who network violence heart of the sharp knife.On New Year’s Eve, the family got together, and the famous lawyer Zhou Zhaocheng wrote an article in memory of Liu Xuezhou, “On New Year’s Eve, Where are you, Liu Xuezhou? Lawyer Zhou Zhaocheng’s 2022 New Year’s Eve to Liu Xuezhou”.In this article, Zhou Zhaocheng, a lawyer, did not comment on the judicial issues of Liu Xuezhou event as a lawyer, but used an elder and a father’s tone to recall and interact with Liu Xuezhou.Zhou Zhaocheng lawyer confirmed that Liu Xuezhou had looked for zhou lawyer, hope zhou lawyer can help him.At this time liu Xuezhou heart has been extremely fragile, in urgent need of a spiritual comfort.In the face of a helpless teenager, caring zhou Zhaocheng lawyer immediately said, will help Liu Xuezhou to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, but all the changes are too sudden, in Zhou Zhaocheng lawyer has not implemented the help of Liu Xuezhou before, Liu Xuezhou has returned to the sea.Why didn’t Zhou Zhaocheng seize the time to help Liu Xuezhou?Maybe Zhou Zhaocheng lawyer is too busy, busy, to deal with a lot of things every day, if Zhou Zhaocheng lawyer to help Liu Xuezhou, Liu Xuezhou tragedy will not be avoided?Liu Xuezhou ah Liu Xuezhou, even Zhou Zhaocheng lawyer has promised to help you, why do you want to kill yourself?Do not know whether zhou Zhaocheng lawyer and Liu Xuezhou interaction before the wechat screenshot or recording, if there is a screenshot or recording, Zhou Zhaocheng lawyer New Year’s Eve exposure of the news is more convincing, after all, Liu Xuezhou has returned to the sea.