In the year of decisive battle, how to win the hard battle of Shandong kinetic energy conversion?

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We have reached the critical juncture of achieving a breakthrough in five years by replacing old drivers of growth with new ones.The report on the work of the government calls for unswervingly accelerating the shift from old to new drivers of growth, vigorously focusing on the “three resolute measures,” strictly controlling the development of energy, energy, and environmental protection, and improving other sources, and expanding space for the shift.Deputies and members believe that practice has proved that the direction and path of replacing old drivers of growth with new ones is entirely correct. As long as we stick to the existing plans, we will surely achieve breakthroughs in five years and inject stronger impetus into high-quality economic development.To take the lead in clearly defining the scope of the projects, forming a list of enterprises and projects in the industries and determining the four types of disposal methods for the projects…Last year, our province continued to improve the precise control of the “two high” industry.In this regard, Dezhou Development and Reform Commission director Wang Dashan representative felt quite deep: “Last year, Dezhou steel production capacity of 1.2 million tons, coking capacity of 800,000 tons, a processing capacity of 3.5 million tons, very large.”As outdated production capacity was withdrawn to make room for new projects, the quality effect of economic development continued to improve, with energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of GDP in Dezhou falling by 3.6 percent last year, he said.Shandong province is a large province of energy consumption, compared with land, capital, energy consumption index is more scarce factor resources.Shandong strictly implements the “five reduction and substitution”, and the energy consumption and coal consumption of the “two high Energy and high energy” industries only decreases rather than increases. The spare indicators are collected and stored to ensure the implementation of major supporting and leading projects in the province. Yankuang Lunan Chemical Co., Ltd. is a beneficiary.”The company’s 300,000-ton caprolactam project is the preferred project for the conversion of old and new kinetic energy in the province. The energy consumption index needed can only be solved by 1/3 through the technical transformation of the enterprise. Thanks to the overall energy consumption index of the province and Zaozhuang City, the problem has been solved.”Liu Qiang, chairman of Lunan Chemical, explained that the project was successfully put into operation in October last year, with the help of this project, Lunan Chemical’s revenue exceeded 12.5 billion yuan last year.In the next step, Lunan Chemical will seize the opportunity to increase investment in the integration development of green chemical and new energy and new materials, and promote the formation of a virtuous development cycle of new energy promoting green chemical and green chemical supporting new energy and new materials.Since 2018, Shandong has cut crude steel production capacity by 9.28 million tons and oil refining capacity by 21.27 million tons, making major achievements in eliminating inefficient and backward production capacity.But at the same time, as a major industrial province, there is still heavy pressure to close down inefficient and backward production capacity. “It is very necessary to speed up the elimination of inefficient and backward production capacity.”, jinan group co., LTD., chairman of BoTao said to capacity not to enterprise, suggest innovation transformation mechanism, actively guide the development of traditional enterprises energy saving carbon reduction technology, improve production efficiency, reducing energy consumption, at the same time do a good job in “set”, as soon as possible to cultivate a group can act as new kinetic energy, the traditional enterprise transferred personnel industry project.The advanced manufacturing industry is pregnant with a new dynamic driving force. Shandong has realized the transformation from a big manufacturing province to a strong manufacturing province, and accelerated the development of the advanced manufacturing industry should be the meaning of the topic.”When we produce a box of drugs, we need more than a dozen companies to support us.Therefore, the development of advanced manufacturing can not rely on a single fight, but to fight in a cluster.”Zhao Yeqing, chairman of Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., LTD., agreed with the “overall promotion of advanced manufacturing” proposed in the report.As a backbone enterprise in the biomedical industry cluster in the provincial economic circle, Jincheng Pharmaceutical has benefited from the development of the industrial cluster and become a global leader in the production and development of pharmaceutical intermediates of cephalosporin antibiotics and glutathione featured bulk drugs.He believes that to build a national industrial cluster, we should further enrich and enrich innovation elements, and give support to talent, science and technology, finance and other key links according to the characteristics of the industry.”In Qingdao, there are seven or eight listed companies related to electrical equipment such as Teride. Enterprises share orders and enter the market together, and their regional industrial influence is also enhanced in the ‘group’.”Qingdao TGOOD Electric Co., Ltd. Chairman yu Dexiang representative said.From a small business operating power distribution equipment, Teride has gradually grown into a single champion cultivation enterprise and a listed company.Such a development process makes Yu Dexiang deeply agree with the report’s proposal of “accelerating the building of a leading enterprise, and gradually cultivating gazelles, unicorns and single champion enterprises”.”It takes precise help to turn a ‘small seed’ into a ‘giant tree’.”He said that enterprises in different periods have different needs, and enterprises in the initial stage lack resources, so they can properly promote the market.In the mature stage, there may be strategic decision-making mistakes and financing problems, and timely assistance from the government is needed at critical moments. “Providing precise services according to different stages of enterprise development can help enterprises upgrade along the upward curve.”To build a strong manufacturing province, we should not only base on today, but also look to the future.”Future industries, such as aerospace information, deep-sea polar regions, life sciences and artificial intelligence, represent the development direction of advanced manufacturing and are also the main battlefield of manufacturing competition, so we must take the initiative.”Chen Zengjing, dean of the School of Mathematics of Shandong University, said that at present, many regions in China are laying out future industries, and some places have specially built future industrial clusters. Shandong should make breakthroughs in key fields based on its own advantages and lay a solid foundation for future manufacturing competition.The industrial Internet is an important support for the fourth industrial Revolution.Shandong has complete industrial categories and complete structure, and the scenarios for industrial Internet are very rich.There is much to be done by enabling the digital transformation of traditional industries through the industrial Internet.”The report on the work of the Government highlights strengthening and expanding the industrial Internet as an important focus for replacing old drivers of growth with new ones, which is a real bottle opener.”Zhang Yuxiang, senior engineer of informatization and Internet Industry Room of Provincial Industry and Information Research Institute, said that the application scenarios, industrial chain enabling, platform, park, from point to line and then extended to the surface, in line with shandong’s reality, is a feasible path.Application scenario is an important force to promote the development of industrial Internet.The government work report proposes to support Helkaos, Inspur Yunzhou to build industry sub-platforms with leading enterprises, and focus on creating 100 typical application scenarios in different industries.”The industrial Internet is different from the consumer Internet, ‘one meter wide and one hundred meters deep’, thousands of lines and industries, thousands of enterprises, it is difficult to use a unified standard to measure, only the industry do deep do thoroughly, in order to create value.Liang Haishan, vice chairman of the Board of Directors and president of Haier Group, said that The experience of Haier Kaos is to promote the integration of industrial chain and upgrading of industrial structure from the whole through the way of “joint construction by large enterprises and sharing by small enterprises”.At present, Haile kaos is working on the construction of industrial Internet park.Liang Haishan introduced that Haier will build a comprehensive service platform for the park online, and build a physical park supported by new infrastructure offline. Starting from the four dimensions of the park’s infrastructure construction, service support, coordination ability and operation effectiveness, haier will lay a good foundation for industrial Internet applications.Last year, shandong Peninsula national industrial Internet development demonstration area construction started, how to build a demonstration area?Liang Haishan advice, to carry out the “work assignment”, shandong industrial Internet action, through the government guidance, chain enterprises, in order to “work assignment”, shandong industrial Internet platform for support, to promote “work assignment 1 + N + X” pattern, will the government side, the industrial side, the enterprise side form brain provincial industry data acquisition, give full play to the industrial aggregation advantage of the Internet platform.Shandong Tongke heaven and earth science and technology business incubator Co., LTD. Chairman Zhang Yongqiang member, in the experience of the industrial Internet brings great benefits at the same time, but also concerned about how to solve the problem of industrial Internet reform.”The upgrading of hardware equipment often requires tens of millions of yuan, and the enterprise is short of funds.”Zhang Yongqiang suggested that the government increase technical reform support, so that more small and medium-sized enterprises as soon as possible “access to the network”, deep integration, and constantly improve the development of digital level.Disclaimer: The above content is transferred from other media, the relevant information is only for the purpose of conveying more information, does not represent the views of this website, nor does it mean that this website agrees with its views or confirms the authenticity of the content.If the manuscript copyright units or individuals do not want to be published in this network, you can contact this network, this network can be immediately removed according to the situation.