The TV-centric living room layout is out!Change your living room layout for the New Year

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The TV-centric living room layout is out!The New Year, also change the layout of the sitting room, the sitting room is one of the most important among the whole household space position, no matter how hard it is the area of the house, the area occupied by the sitting room is the biggest, we should not only in the living room to rest at ordinary times, also need to entertain a guest in the sitting room, so the decoration of the sitting room also is very important, if the sitting room is decorated is bad, will affect the entire household space.In the eyes of our parents and the elders in the home, the TV is a very important electrical appliances in the home, can choose to undertake layout with TV as the center when decorating the sitting room so.But the sitting room layout that is a center with TV now already out, New Year everybody also changes the sitting room layout in the home.Traditional sitting room layout means of traditional sitting room layout is with TV, tea table, sofa to undertake layout for the center, the sitting room in almost everybody home cannot leave these a few kinds of things, and can choose to place tea table in the middle when putting, put sofa in the opposite of TV next.Back in the 80s or so, when we visited the homes of relatives and friends, the living rooms were almost the same layout, with little difference except the choice of colors and styles.But as the popularization of all sorts of electronic products now, everybody is less and less to the demand of TV, a lot of people even come home also won’t open the TV, so traditional layout means can cause the waste of whole household space instead.In addition, the coffee table and sofa are placed in the middle of the living room, which will occupy the activity space in the middle of the living room. When walking at home at ordinary times, it will also be affected to a certain extent, especially for small families, the whole indoor space will become very crowded.The sitting room layout means that suits modern more changes ceaselessly because of life style, so traditional sitting room layout means already did not accord with the living habits of modern, everybody also begins to abandon traditional sitting room layout mode slowly when decorating, turn for choice means of layout of another kind of new sitting room.The sitting room that suits modern quite means, it is the core area of the living habits and habits of the family such as a kind of confluence recreational, recreational, parent-child and job and hobby.Before everyone’s living room is almost the same layout pattern, but now everyone’s living room layout pattern is not quite the same, every time we go to relatives and friends home, will also find that everyone’s living room is not the same layout, each has its own characteristics.Now everyone in the design of the living room, according to the family’s living habits and needs to design a fusion of the living room, such as family like to play games, will choose to place the game area in the living room;If there are children in need of space, they will choose to design a play area in the living room.And if there is no separate study in the home, also can choose to design an independent small study in the sitting room.Flexibility of means of such sitting room layout is stronger, everybody can have planning and design according to his living habits and demand, need not stick to traditional layout means, it is ok to satisfy his living habits only, also need not consider the be fond of others.Because now many friends will not use the TV after going home, so we can choose to remove the TV when designing the living room, replace it with a projection screen, or directly retain the design of the white wall, more simple and generous.After removing the TV, we can also choose to use this area of the original TV background wall. For example, friends who like to play games at home can choose to design a game area in this area.There are office needs at ordinary times, you can also choose to design a desk here as a temporary office area.We still can choose to design the bookshelf of a whole wall in the sitting room or it is store content ark, use at ordinary times to place a book or it is other article very convenient also, still can make whole sitting room space becomes more neat.If there are only two people living in the home, then we can plan the living room at will, and we can choose to divide the living room into hostess area and male host area. At ordinary times, two people can rest together in the sitting room, and they can also have their own space.If it is a family of three, we can choose to design a children’s game area in the living room, remove some unnecessary furniture, usually when children run back and forth at home and play, also won’t knock against the danger, will be more safe.Although all kinds of electronic products can be used to replace TV, but it is more convenient for some old people to use TV, so if there is an old man in the home, it is still suggested to place a TV in the sitting room and prepare a comfortable rest area for the old man.Suggest everybody is when designing a sitting room, do not choose the means with TV that tradition is central sitting room layout again, New Year everybody also will adjust the sitting room in the home.