The Inexorable rise of China’s hard technology

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Hefei used to be nothing, but it bet on the track of new energy. The general direction of quantum technology has also been successful in the Yangtze River Delta, becoming the first city of Venture capital in China.The director’s third hard science and technology review comes from the rise of China’s quantum technology. Hefei, the first venture capital city in China, not only bets on the right track of new energy, but also the general direction of quantum technology.In May 2021, the Zuchongzhi, built by the University of Science and Technology in Hefei, broke the world record for the largest quantum ratio of a quantum computer.October to upgrade to the zu chongzhi 2 refresh record again, in the same month USTC and Shanghai micro system and information technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has built 113 photons of 9 stations such as 2, this symbolized our country become the only in both physical systems at the same time to realize quantum superiority of countries, China has become a world leader in the field of quantum science and technology, USTC quantum break more than that,Academician Guo Guangcan’s team, Li Chuanfeng and Zhou Zongquan’s research team raised the optical storage time to one hour, breaking the world record of optical storage of one minute set by the German team in 2013, making an important step towards the realization of quantum USB disk.The fourth hard technology worth taking stock of comes from nuclear energy, which is at the forefront of today’s world and technology development, and is controlled fusion, or artificial sun.Research institutions around the world are trying to optimize and develop tokamak devices to mimic the energy generation mechanism of the sun and master controlled nuclear fusion technology, and China has made remarkable achievements.21 at the end of the Chinese Academy of Sciences institute of material science hefei again set a world record, homebred man-made sun full superconducting tokamak fusion experimental device to create a new world record, to realize the long pulse high parameters of electron temperature close to 70 million degrees Celsius plasma run 1056 seconds, is now the world’s temperature tokamak plasma operation for the longest time,A big step toward commercializing artificial sun.More worthy of our pride is China’s third generation nuclear power hualong 1 commercial operation in 2021, and in 2022 on January 1, the second nuclear power unit grid successfully, it marks the China from nuclear power among the nuclear power, and in the industrial field, 2021 years of Chinese achievement is also very bright eye, industrialized western countries in one hundred ahead of us,In the field of heavy industry for a long time to suppress us, and now Our country has also opened the counter-encirencirement and suppression, in 2021 we successfully developed known as the king of heavy equipment 80,000 tons of mold pressure, and one action to the world’s highest level, in the field of shield machine used for tunnel excavation, China has never been nothing by western countries wild price,Gorgeous turn to become the core technology of autonomous control power.In 2021, following Jinhua, zhijiang, a domestic 15m 7 super-large diameter mud-water balance shield machine weighing 4300 tons, also successfully rolled off the production line in Zhejiang China Railway Engineering Equipment Co., LTD.China now thetime of shield machine is not only the core technology, and has been for three consecutive years of shield machine production in the world, we the rise of the industrial level but also sheep table, in the afternoon on other immersion technology and 9 days to travel on the space of career, at the bottom of the depths of the earth over manned submersible striver, repeatedly diving in 2021 meters trench,Now thousands of meters deep work times and number of dives are first in the world, the sky above, intentions, has been on the moon for 1000 meters, the day, ask a number on Mars probe broke the pattern of American dominance, China paradise in the space station, three astronauts zhai zhigang, ya-ping wang, Ye Guangfu is hard for China’s space dream,These are the report cards of China’s space program in 2021.