Shell “QX60”, the 4th generation of Nissan Loulan debut, 2.0T+ coupe + four-wheel drive, have the chance to win?

2022-06-22 0 By

In the domestic market as nissan’s infiniti luxury brands, at the same level of luxury brands, the influence of the overall average performance, at the same time, infiniti’s models with nissan’s whole lineup of contact is not very strong, and with the increase of competition pressure, nissan also began to join the infiniti models of products, the fourth generation of new nissan loulan debut,Early as the mainstream of nissan’s midsize SUV, when the first four generation of thoroughly remould oneself, will use the latest infiniti 2.0 T turbo engine, match 9 at the gearbox, and provide 4 displacement system, but 7 version will not be able to still keep to this for a mid-size SUV, lack of competitiveness.4th generation nissan loulan fresh loulan, 4th generation nissan to younger design style and design language for consumers, in athletic performance is able to compete with the new generation of young models, the new generation of nissan 4 the design concept of loulan adopted coupe SUV, still very accord with current trends.The new fourth generation Nissan Loulan, the overall core competitiveness has changed, the use of a new appearance, matching the design concept of sports, at the same time to provide 2.0t turbocharged power engine, the main four-wheel drive version of the car, in the face of many competitors, have the chance to win?Former model, comprehensive strength in the face of the size of the compact SUV, the overall advantage is obvious, but in the face of an equivalent midsize SUV, cars lack the layout of the seven, at the same time the size of the overall average play, but the price level is not very low, so cost-effective integrated performance and competitiveness is not strong.Conclusion: The new 4th generation Nissan Loulan is about to be unveiled in the domestic market. The model is still a big five-seat SUV, mainly for the young generation of consumers, matching the new product power, and adding the design concept of young sports luxury. Generally speaking, it is a young SUV model of the new generation.