Push 3 ancient novels: “Peasant Girl”, “Lucky star peasant girl”, “grain field”, stay up late to chase

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to Zhiyue School. Nice to meet you all.Xiaobian every day for everyone to collect a variety of wonderful novels, so that fans and friends read addiction, so that time is abundant, I hope we can like it.Strong push three novel: the ancient words “NongMen jiao female” “grain” fusion small peasant woman, stay up after the first: NongMen jiao female author: now evening what evening wonderful excerpt: priority chang-an li know, holding the flower into the house, put the flower on the kang curb himself behind the basket to get down on the floor, and then looked at the mother lying on the kang, gently asked:”Didn’t you stop me?””Niang stopped, and fell down.”Liu shi hurriedly said, referring to the mother-in-law’s corner of a scar, not serious, just red.Not only the wound on her face, but also her eyes were red. Apparently, she lay on the kang and cried over and over again.Their family had no way to go out to borrow money, one by one, she wrote it down, even if she did not eat or drink will also go up.But where can withstand others hard rob, two silver, said no who can stand.”There were three men in Dacheng zi’s family, each stronger than the other. We couldn’t stop them at all. We hurried to find uncle, but the gang had already sold the sheep to the village.”Yoo answered one by one.Zhao was so angry that she could not get out of bed and burst into tears.If they all came to their house like Dacheng son to catch sheep and take half of the interest money, it would really be impossible to live.Chang ‘an still wore a faint expression and never had any hope for human nature. As for how to solve the current situation, she repeatedly asked, “Do you have an account book?Show me how much we owe out there.”Zhao managed to get out of bed, rummaged in the cupboard and found several pieces of papyre covered with strange circles and crosses.She read herself: “eldest brother two silver, Sister Zhao 400, three cousin 800……”The other side of the people read, Chang ‘an side in the bargain, in the end she also calculated, in addition to the debt to buy the lamb, there is her sick bed to borrow.It has to be said that Zhao and Liu are really good at living. They have no labor at home. They just bite their teeth and do not owe anyone any extra money.Priority: Today the Su family still eat porridge. Zhou is not the kind of person who would be unkind to her family. Although it is porridge, she also put a lot of rice.The dish is home-grown cabbage.A little bit of oil and salt.Only Ya Ya had a bowl of egg congee with eggs in front of her.”Father, mother, sister-in-law, big Lang…Eat, too. I can’t eat it all by myself.”Ya ya took a spoon to give them each a spoonful, this smiled and began to eat.Fortunately, zhou shi is afraid that she is not enough to eat, will give her a big bowl.After a full meal, Zhou and Zhang’s daughters-in-law cleaned up in the kitchen.Sue and the boys were knitting baskets before it got all dark.When the market comes to town, let the third brother or someone pick it out and see if they can sell it.Ya ya finished today’s homework, and dalang several squatted in front of the bucket to see the fish.He knows there is ginger in the mountain. Tomorrow afternoon after school, I will go to the mountain with you to dig ginger. But you must not tell your parents and sister-in-law about it, or you will not eat the fish.””After I have what fun, also don’t take you to play.”Her mother always said she was too young to go to the mountains.She had to go in secret.Big lang and two lang hesitated for a while, thinking of the delicious fish my sister-in-law said, nodded: “Ok, when we carry you, you don’t run around.”Priority: zhao’s elder sister-in-law called Zhao Laifang, married far away, it takes some time to travel, so the old lady of Zhao ordered ya-ya father to call back in advance, so as to set out early this afternoon.This way tomorrow morning will be able to zhao aunt back.She had married ma Xiangshan, a landowner in Majatun, but her great uncle had been less fortunate and had died a few years later.She left her sister-in-law and two Cousins, after more than ten years of Ma’s family is her sister-in-law Zhang Luo, alone with two children grow up, but also in charge of ma’s family property.He had been managing the family land and some of the shops with his aunt for the past two years, and had a lovely little girl born at the beginning of this year.The second cousin studied some books when she was young, and her elder sister-in-law sent her second cousin to study in Fucheng a few years ago, hoping that he could make a name for himself in the examination and bring honor to ma’s family.Although these years have not been easy, but also practiced zhao aunt capable character.Since the old man went to zhao, zhao old lady did not backbone, home encounter what event, will her ya aunt back, let her help take an idea.In zhao uncle leave this matter, or zhao aunt back to help think of a way.The Ma family had a rich family and was respected not only in Majatun, but also in the county seat. Besides, the Ma family and the Old Song family were also distant relatives, so they could talk well.Her father was called back in a hurry, haven’t come to the house to rest a foot, zhao old lady let set on the little donkey at home, go to Majiatun to pick up his sister back.”Mother, I will hitch up my carriage and go to my eldest sister’s house at midnight. I will spend the night there and come back with my eldest sister in the morning.”Zhao Second know this matter urgent, if the old Song make up, hurt the face of two people are not good.”Talk to your eldest sister about it and see what she can do.”Old lady Zhao was very anxious, “The Ma family and the Song family are some relatives, or let your sister see in the ma family relatives, find someone to talk to the Song family first, and then slowly think of a way.””Good mother.”Zhao Second put on his car.”Talk to your elder sister first. Let her know.”Zhao old lady say that finish let zhao second go out to Majatun.(Click below to read for free) Today’s book list is shared here, do you like the type?If so, please pay attention to xiaobian and collection yo ~ we will be there or square next time!