Promote “Spring Thunder Action 2022” Chengdu Qingbaijiang to recover economic losses of 372,400 yuan for consumers

2022-06-22 0 By

February 10, from the Qingbaijiang District market Supervision Administration in Chengdu, the bureau launched the “Spring Thunder Action 2022” law enforcement action has been more than a month, so far a total of 25 times of coordinated law enforcement, investigation and handling of various cases of 59, the amount of punishment 1.1664 million yuan, for consumers to recover economic losses of 372,400 yuan.Enforcement action, market supervision and administration of qingbaijiang district in cold chain of food safety, gas field of management, strengthen the protection of minors, indiscriminate competition regulation business activities, to ensure the safety of rural drug quality, such as the protection of intellectual property rights as the focus, to crack down on illegal behavior in various fields, promote to carry out the various law enforcement action.”Since 2018, the state has repeatedly lowered the general electricity price to reduce the burden on enterprises, and some of the power suppliers have violated the Provisions of the Price Law of the People’s Republic of China by not implementing the government’s pricing, which affects the implementation of the government’s policies to benefit the people. The bureau investigated and investigated the above-mentioned illegal behaviors found during the inspection.”Qingbaijiang District market supervision administration related person in charge of the introduction of law enforcement action, the bureau of law enforcement officers found that a company in the area is suspected of not implementing government pricing to charge electricity.After investigation, the company overcharged the electricity fee of merchants by more than 410,000 yuan since 2018, and still failed to refund the overcharged electricity fee after the refund period, which violated the relevant provisions of Article 12 of the Price Law of the People’s Republic of China, and the bureau imposed an administrative penalty of more than 820,000 yuan on the party concerned.In January 2022, Sichuan Intellectual Property International Exchange and Cooperation (Chengdu International Railway Port) Center was formally established in Qingbaijiang District.In promoting the “Spring Thunder Action 2022”, Qingbaijiang District has carried out special joint law enforcement actions on intellectual property rights, focusing on agricultural products, drinks and beverages, food, ceramic sanitary ware, household appliances, grain and oil and other trademarks, and cracking down on market confusion, trademark infringement, patent infringement and counterfeiting.Up to now, a total of more than 100 commodities have been inspected, and 17 commodities with trademarks and patent marks have been checked.Source: Xinhua