More than 200 million self-built houses in rural areas: How to eliminate hidden dangers, standardize construction and strengthen supervision?

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Editor’s note In recent years, rural self-built housing accidents occur from time to time, some rural self-built housing arbitrarily expanded, arbitrarily change the use, etc., bringing a lot of security risks.In response to this problem, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development carried out safety inspections of rural self-built houses nationwide, and issued a notice, requiring all regions to strengthen the safety publicity work of rural self-built houses.Our reporter interviewed relevant department heads, dialogue experts, visited grassroots, introduced China’s measures in rural self-built housing construction guidance, craftsman training and safety supervision, and discussed new ways to ensure the safety of rural self-built housing construction and use.– Editor “self-construction, self-living, self-management”, this has long been the main way for farmers to build houses, commonly known as rural self-construction houses.In recent years, some self-built houses in rural areas have been renovated and expanded at will, and their uses have been changed at will, which has brought many hidden dangers to safety.Starting in 2020, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will take the lead in identifying potential safety hazards of self-built houses in all administrative villages across the country.”Farm house physical examination” circumstance how?How to prevent safety accidents from the source?Reporters interviewed the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development related departments and bureau heads and industry experts.1. Carry out the investigation of potential safety hazards covering the construction year, housing structure, approval procedures and renovation of more than 200 million households……In the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development village construction department, the reporter saw a rural self-built housing security hidden trouble investigation table, entry classification detailed.”Since 2020, we have carried out a nationwide investigation on the safety risks of self-built houses in rural areas.Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development village construction department of a level inspector Dong Hongmei introduction.It is reported that more than 200 million rural households in more than 500,000 administrative villages have self-built houses.Take Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region as an example. By April 2021, about 10 million rural houses had been inspected, and 36,500 houses were initially judged to be unsafe.Among them, a total of 297,000 rural self-built houses for business were inspected, and 1,029 were initially judged to have potential safety hazards.”Through the renovation of dilapidated houses in rural areas, all poverty-stricken households and marginalized groups in China now live in safe housing.But with the rapid development of rural economy and the rise of new forms of business, many self-built houses in rural areas are used as restaurants, supermarkets, b&BS and other business places or rented out privately. These self-built houses are often not professionally designed and constructed in a standard way, and they have great safety risks.””Dong hongmei said.Zhou Tiegang, a professor at the School of Civil Engineering at Xi ‘an University of Architecture and Technology, said the safety risks of self-built houses in rural areas are mainly caused by quality defects at the time of construction and improper maintenance.The former includes unsafe site selection, unqualified materials, no design and technical guidance, unprofessional construction team, etc.The latter basically is to change function at will in use process, add at will build expand, bring about building unbearable burden.In addition, some are caused by living habits, farmers only live and do not repair, often minor diseases do not cure the disaster.In recent years, self-built housing accidents in rural areas have occurred from time to time. What are the difficulties in safety supervision behind them?In the interview, a number of industry people said that the difficulties mainly include the lack of system, weak supervision, construction is not professional.”For rural self-built houses, the application for homestead shall be approved by the agriculture and rural departments;How big and how high to build is reviewed by the Department of Natural resources.However, the housing and construction departments do not have direct control of such information and need cross-departmental coordination, which makes it difficult to form joint supervision.”Zhu Lixin, a researcher at the China Academy of Building Research, said the lack of supervision of rural self-built houses needs to be fixed.Dong Hongmei introduced, to accelerate the improvement of rural engineering construction project management system and mechanism, in accordance with the principle of “who owns, who is responsible for”, the implementation of property owners (users) house safety main responsibility;We will effectively link administrative review and approval with safety supervision in accordance with the principle of “whoever examines and supervises”.Recently, some localities have also made more systematic regulations on the safety management of rural engineering construction projects.”‘ A thousand threads on top and a needle on the bottom ‘.Rural housing is very scattered and the management span is very long. The construction bureau of a county may have only a few people, so it is too weak to supervise the whole process.”Dong hongmei said the next step is to continue to consolidate the foundation of local supervision, consolidate the responsibility of supervision, and strengthen the power of supervision.In addition, in the past, self-built houses in rural areas tended to help their relatives and neighbors, and there were few rural craftsmen with professional skills, making it difficult to guarantee the quality.In recent years, local housing and construction departments have stepped up efforts to train more than 110,000 craftsmen in rural construction. In 2021 alone, more than 40,000 of them received training certificates.Dong Hongmei introduced that currently we are actively striving to bring rural construction craftsmen into the national occupational classification ceremony, and implement the training qualified system;In addition, relying on existing resources to establish an information platform, carry out social credit evaluation of rural construction craftsmen, and implement the “craftsman responsibility system” in rural housing construction.”It needs to be made clear that supervision alone is not enough to ensure the safety of self-built houses in rural areas.They are looking for quality materials and skilled craftsmen.”Mr. Zhu said.”Unfavorable areas should be dealt with, steep slope building to do wall protection” “structural columns in the four corners of the room, vertical and horizontal junction of the wall”……Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development organized the compilation of “rural self-built housing safety common sense” a map, in the site selection, housing layout, foundation, wall masonry, construction safety and other aspects of safety tips.Easy to understand, catchy popular science slogan, can effectively help rural people improve the awareness of building safety.Dong Hongmei introduced, to ensure the safety of rural self-built housing, adhere to the combination of near and far, both symptoms and root causes.Next, efforts should be made to eliminate the stock of rural housing safety risks, further promote the investigation and rectification of safety risks, focus on strengthening the management of rural housing for business, “should adhere to the ‘who is responsible for the approval’, can be the housing safety as a prerequisite for business activities.When registering as a market subject, the owner or user of a self-built house is obliged to provide a report on the safety of the house.”Zhou suggested that in areas with high seismic intensity, areas prone to flood disasters and areas with potential geological hazards, building reinforcement and renovation work should be continuously promoted. “In this aspect, we need to increase financial support. In addition to subsidies for construction and renovation, we should also consider the cost of third-party technical services.”Where is the money coming from?It is understood that some local governments have made it clear that the people’s governments of cities and counties (cities and districts) are responsible for the quality management of rural self-built houses within their administrative regions, and the required funds will be included in their financial budgets.Dong Hongmei introduced, next, will guide the establishment of approval supervision service platform, rural housing land, planning, construction, use of the whole process of “one network unified management” and “one network do”, and finally form a national rural housing comprehensive information management platform, strictly control incremental rural housing safety risks.(Ding Yiting) Source: People’s Daily