It’s a shame that the singer died at the age of 31. He was so good, but he didn’t make it big

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Eileen Chang wrote such a sentence in her essay dream of genius: “Life is a colorful robe, covered with fleas.”The simple metaphor reflects the beauty and annoyance of life incisively and vividly. Life in everyone’s mind is bright and beautiful, but the reality is not generally cruel.The older the years, the more trouble, the scenery behind carrying too many things contrary to one’s wishes, not to go means the end, like an soul.Recently, the news of the unexpected death of singer Anda Soul has been all over the Internet.From the brief exposure of netizens, An Dsoul suffers from depression, and has also complained about his family of origin. He has a tendency to end his life long ago.I thought she’d get through it, but here she is.At the age of 31, the singer who sang his heart out with music, with poems and a girl far away, passed away quietly.After hearing this news, fans and acquaintances are mostly unbelievable, after all, an Soul once so cheerful, transparent, how can hard?Perhaps, each happy skin is hiding a lonely soul, like an soul, such a person, cheerful and optimistic surface, but the smile as a mask to cover up pessimism, suffering in the quiet of night, who can not feel.Born in Guangdong province, this girl has a forthright personality and eloquent eloquence since childhood. Her initial dream is to be a dancer, and she yearns most for the stage style of singing and dancing of the Korean Troupe.Later, An Da Soul when watching TV fell in love with hip hop, rap form of music is very cool, especially its kind of free expression, as if the release of the soul.After falling in love with hip hop, An Da Soul used his pocket money to buy a lot of CDS to watch and study imitation, and made some friends to play Rap, and became a rapper.Then, Ann soul borrowed a speaker with a friend, began his singing career, singing in the eyes of ordinary people is a way to make a living, but here in Ann Soul, it is the music atmosphere she delivers.Whenever the night falls, an soul dragged the speaker to the river, cross-legged sat down to pick up the microphone, in the bustling crowd aimless singing, enjoy the input;Do not need applause flowers, just want to sing what is in the heart, if lucky enough to attract passers-by stop to appreciate, is the best reward for her.In 2013, An and two like-minded people formed the “middle color” team, two men and a woman composed of a group, more firmly their love and pursuit of rap music.In 2017, An Soul appeared on the stage of “The Hip-hop of China”, the performance is very circle fan, she loves to laugh, voice unique, style along with the nature, have their own opinions on music, therefore, some people like her Bohemian character, some people like her soul is not defined by the secular, and some people like her confidence when singing.In short, in this program, An Soul circle countless fans, from a small transparent into a professional hip hop singer, wherever he went are flowers and applause.After the end of the program, an Soul began to participate in performances in various cities, fame let her sound of music by more people known, but also deprived of her yearning for freedom of the soul.In particular, controversy ensued as she became a public figure, accustomed to being free and easy.In 2018, Chinese music producer Lao Dao made a comment to the effect that PG One could not be a singer and GAI Zhou Yan could not be a star.Perhaps in agreement with this statement, An Dashun gave this content a thumbs-up.But unexpectedly, is this one praise, to her brought a lot of hate.At that time, Lao Dao’s remarks caused the disgust of PG One fans, and then the true love fans began to attack him, endless chase after the scold, and praise Lao Dao content, also incidentally were scolded again, An Soul is not immune, the vicious words uncontrollably.Be scolded really can’t stand, Ann soul issued a document with emotion: not good management of fans, sooner or later die in the hands of fans.As a result, it was retweeted and criticized again.An soul so true temperament of a person, in the face of these evil words have to surrender, and finally can only helpless sigh with emotion: “this era, a praise are treading on thin ice.”Yeah, she just agreed with Lao Dao about music, but she didn’t expect it to cause so much hate.When netizens gather together as a group, they have to think twice before they even click on a “like”, let alone post something. Whose tragedy is this?At the beginning, human nature is good, but the virtual world of the network, the evil of human nature without the bottom line of amplification, as long as a dissatisfaction, you can use vicious words without the bottom line to attack others, where is good?After that network violence, an soul low-key many, did not participate in other programs, although still with a dream of music, but the enthusiasm for the stage is much less, the text content is also pessimistic many, often say some end of life topics.All of these are clues that she wants to end her life. She is cheerful and optimistic in front of the camera, smiling like a flower and singing out the beauty, but she is pessimistic in private, repeatedly weighing between life and death.Unknown to the outside world, she was already suffering from depression when she examined the meaning of “life” for countless times.Finally, this once passionate life came to an end in the New Year of 2022.When the world becomes purgatory, when there is no hope in life, when there is no warmth around, Ann great soul bid farewell to the pain of the present, but also cut off the possibility of future happiness, just do not know, this choice is regret or liberation?I think the regret is greater than the relief.Life that a rainbow, always have to experience countless times of wind and rain will appear, only brave to live, will see the dawn, but some people, endure too bitter.Writer Romain Rolland once said: “There is only one kind of heroism in the world, and that is those who know life and love life.”Live, can look forward to the most gorgeous smile.In this strange world, there is no one who is not hurt, everyone lives a difficult life, but no matter what experience, to believe that the best is always in the future;Weather-beaten years taught us to live calmly, setbacks and hesitancy is inevitable, but always keep life, so that the gorgeous flowers of life can one day sway on the most beautiful mountain.Life is only once, everyone should cherish, after all, the world is more warm than cold, there are many good things, will come for you.END: What do you want to say about Yasukuni?Welcome to discuss