Even if the rain, cold wind, shu is still protecting peace and happiness!

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To strictly control district road traffic order, and effectively prevent and reduce road traffic accidents, pingxiang city public security bureau traffic police brigade in view of the current area of low temperature wet rain weather, elaborate organization, layer upon layer, scientific arrangement of police, to strengthen the patrol of city road and GuoShengDao controls, combining rectification action, continuously enhancing jurisdiction of road traffic safety defence.In rural areas, and the characteristics of the frequent GuoShengDao road traffic violations, with the method of setting the temporary card point, inspection on two-way vehicles one by one, in accordance with the law, to investigate and punish the illegal modification, speeding, lorry overrun overload, van overcrowding, driving personnel not wearing a seatbelt violation, determined to be found together, investigate together, education together.Prone to night traffic violations at present, the group to focus on deployment, combining with the characteristics of high incidence of drunk driving drunk driving offence, in key sections, time put in the police force, solid organize YeZha rectification action, strictly “on every car shall be checked, meet the will check”, a crackdown on drunk driving drunk driving, driving without a license, scrap car road, such as severe traffic violations,Form a strong deterrent force, alert the majority of drivers to consciously abide by the traffic laws and regulations, do not test the law, brewing tragedy.END Text/Editor: Li Zhenghua First Instance: Tang Liqing Final instance: Wang Xuanhe Reading 3