Chinese aerials mixed group: “Yi Jie”, Iron Man, Qi Master’s ice and snow story

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China’s xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu won the silver medal with 324.22 points in the freestyle skiing aerials team final at the Beijing Winter Olympics today.Su Yiming, 17, Gu Ailing, 18…If in the competition before this, to “00” as the representative of the Chinese ice and snow youth surprised the world.So, today’s freestyle skiing aerialskills team competition, also explained to people a Chinese old saying: Ginger, or the old spicy!Xu Mengtao: Holding 27 World Cup gold MEDALS “first sister” “two years without an international competition, see the former opponents still care……In the past twenty years, I have done only one thing — to persist out of love and to be steadfast in my dream.”Dream in snow and ice, go for 20 years.Just as Xu mengtao said on her weibo account, for the woman who has competed in four Winter Olympics, she is chasing better results and her love of ice and snow.From the point of view of the results in the Chinese women’s freestyle skiing aerialist team Xu Mengtao is worthy of the “first sister”, the “first” is naturally synonymous with the champion.Xu mengtao has won 27 World Cups in her 14-year adult career, starting with the 2008-2009 season, according to official statistics.This record can be described as “unprecedented”, Xu Mengtao is already the world’s women skiing air skills “first person”.This “one” is also the best interpretation of Xu Mengtao’s superb skills.At present, Xu Mengtao has the highest difficulty of the world.It also ranks first in the world in total points.At one point, though, she did not appear on the international stage for 22 months.At the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Xu Mengtao ranked first in the first dive and last in the second. However, xu made a mistake on her landing and ended up sixth.After the game, Xu mengtao said in an interview: “Please give us four more years, we will work hard!Please look forward to what you and your teammates will do in Sochi in four years.”Hardworking Xu Mengtao lived up to expectations.With her outstanding performance, she won a precious silver medal for China in Sochi.This result has already created the history of The Chinese team, but the persistent Xu Mengtao is always looking forward to a gold medal in the Winter Olympics, “if I can’t get the first gold, I will retire!”At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Xu Mengtao had published this imperious words in her personal circle of friends.But Xu stumbled in the second round of the competition. “I tried my best, but I was too slow,” she said, wiping away tears.I don’t know if I’ll ever get a second chance.I’ll do the surgery first, get better first, get the nail out.My legs still hurt a lot.”In fact, there will be no one excoriated conscientious xu Mengtao.After the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, xu Mengtao has become an indispensable veteran of the four dynasties, and the only opponent he has left is himself.Conquer the injury, conquer the fear, conquer yourself.All the people who are familiar with Xu Mengtao know that this domatic “first sister” has already become the field of freestyle skiing aerialism in China and even the world, which is enough to make people respect.Honor, work hard for glory!Jia Zongyang: 22 steel nails and 2 steel plates. How did Iron Man come into being?With the Winter Olympics “four dynasties veteran”, Jia Zongyang became connected with the ice and snow process is some twists and turns.When Jia zongyang first started his sports career, he practiced gymnastics.In 2002, Jia zongyang began to practice aerial skills.”He [Jia zongyang] hasn’t been home for Chinese New Year in 20 years.”Liu Chunxia, Jia zongyang’s mother, said the Spring Festival is the most important time for her son’s training and competition, so the family gets used to it.”My son hasn’t been home for more than a month in a year and hasn’t been home for more than two years.”Ordinary stick to, also let Jia Zongyang fruitful.Since 2012, Jia zongyang has won several Freestyle Skiing World Cups.At the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Jia won the third place in men’s aerials freestyle skiing.However, in 2015, jia Zongyang almost said goodbye to his beloved ice and snow career because of a sudden accident.When Jia came out of a comminative fracture, he paid the price of three major operations, 22 steel nails and two plates.In 2016, when Jia took out steel nails and plates, only 21 nails were removed, one of which required bone expansion because the screws were so tight.This will allow Jia zongyang to recuperate for a period of time.In order to return to the competition as soon as possible, Jia zongyang chose to wear this steel nail to resume training.Since then, Jia zongyang has been nicknamed “Iron Man”.Steel refers to the steel nail in his calf that has not been taken out, but also the perfect interpretation of his iron will.Jia’s coach said that in the two years leading up to the Pyeongchang Olympics, Jia endured unbearable pain, but more importantly, he overcame invisible psychological suffering.”It’s been going back and forth, the pressure of the game is huge, and nobody knows, maybe at some point he’s going to have to say goodbye.”At the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Jia jumped high and landed safely to finish second in men’s freestyle aerials, missing the gold medal by 0.46 points. “I’m excited, nervous and anxious about the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Jia zongyang said in an interview before the competition that he aims to make his career in Beijing Olympic Games without any regrets after recovering from the pain of injury.We have reason to believe that jia zongyang, with his iron will, has accomplished his “small goal”.Qi Guangpu: stage a comeback “Qi Master” coincidentally, another Member of the Chinese army Qi Guangpu’s ice and snow experience may be described as twists and turns.Qi Guangpu, also a “post-90s”, practiced trampoline when he first entered the field of sports.At the age of 10, Qi Guangpu was introduced to freestyle skiing.”Mature and stable in game, fun in life.”This is Qi Guangpu’s positioning for himself.Like to play games and make jokes.Qi guangpu remains optimistic and relaxed about life.”I play all kinds of games. I like to play real football. I not only play by myself, but also play with my teammates.”Qi Guangpu’s fans all call him Qi Master, not because he is sophisticated, but because he is domineer.”I once said before a big competition, ‘I’m the boss, I’m the boss.’ People thought it was arrogant, so they called me master.”Qi guangpu said.To treat the game, “mature and stable” is indeed the best definition of “Qi Master”.At the 2013 World Championships, Qi guangpu showed off his “Skyrim move” with a difficulty level of 5.0, which is a backward somersault with a twist of 1,800 degrees.According to Qi, the aerial part of the maneuver is equivalent to completing eight laps in a few seconds.In the end, his perfect performance of the skyrim move made him the most difficult man in the world.At the Vancouver Winter Olympics the following year, Qi, a first-time Olympian, placed seventh.Since then, Qi Guangpu’s performance has been improving.At the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Qi came within a whisk of the podium, finishing a close fourth in the final.In 2015, Qi guangpu won the world Freestyle skiing Aerials Championships in Austria with a score of 139.5, becoming the first Chinese male athlete to achieve two consecutive crowns in this event.However, the Pyeongchang Olympics turned out to be Qi’s Waterloo as he finished seventh in the men’s freestyle aerials final.And that once made him want to retire.In March 2018, Qi announced his retirement from the national team.But a year later, “Qi Master” returned to the national team with the desire to win the championship.In the following preparation, he cooperated with Xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang and other players, and won the mixed team gold medal in the World Cup for many times.Honor the technique of producing a woman is a “one elder sister”, one is after sharpening of “iron man”, when the stability of the “master” and they “strongest days group”, we have reason to believe that, no matter how they will eventually get in their own competition, the story of the three “four teams” is worth our each support China’s ice and snow lovers remembered.Source: reporter: Wei Yifei, Bian Yinghao Editor: Wei Yifei, Dong Juncheng Editor: Bian Yinghao