Beijing gaoganwen: “he comes with the wind with warm” 1V1 double clean, plot juice, high sweet!

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Hello, everyone, recently a lot of book fans do not know what to read good reflection, unwittingly into the book shortage situation, so as an old fan xiaobian to recommend to you good-looking novels, minutes to let fans see friends do not want to sleep!If you feel good, I hope you little brother little sister to small make up the article point a like plus a concern yo!Xiaobian will not regularly recommend good novels for you!”He came with the wind and warm” 1V1 double clean, juicy plot, high sweet!First book: “the sven scum” author: adult introduction: general assault Zhou Luochen is the devil’s advocate of the legal profession, he always personable, polite, gentle kind and party Yi into firm do typing assistant, how don’t believe such a tender gentleman would be don’t sven scum of the population, even if he is called the devil’s advocate, until he was at her out of the devil’s tail.Pit guide: “Is Lawyer Chow leaving?”When Fang Yi walked toward him with the water cup in her hand, he suddenly stepped back and did not start.Fang Yi made a slight frown, but quickly resumed her smile and said politely, “Well, see you, Lawyer Zhou.”With that, he went back to his seat and went on with his work.Looking at her seemingly earnest work, Zhou luo-chen felt an indescribable sense of unwillingness.He took a short breath and left the office.That night, Zhou didn’t show up for a dinner party at the hotel.As the star of the evening, his absence was a bit disappointing, but Serious was a good livener and they didn’t feel down for long.At nine o ‘clock at night, Xing Xing sent Fang Home.Tonight he didn’t drink. Fang Yi was his secretary, and he was supposed to deliver justice to Heaven.Parked the car outside the party Yi inhabited district, xing frowned wind the scene outside the window, didn’t seem to believe that such a striking girl would be living in a place like this.In fact, Fang Yi was already ready to move out. Although the bachelors who had moved to the opposite side of her house had not been back for a long time, Zhou was right that it was cheap to live in such a place, but considering the cost and the possible danger, it was better to move out.Introduction: A reporter asked Mr. Lun, the richest man in C City, “You have made countless achievements in the business world. So far, what is the most gratified one?”Be surrounded by all, the man of qing jun exalted step, feral cold eye rare small dye warm color, answer: “lost again.”Into the pit guide: wait for her to open the door again, look up, see not far away under the dressing lamp, standing in front of the mirror wash one’s hands, full of foam of that person.His figure tall and straight, usually by the magnesium lamp ring gather, pity your cold man, at the moment but pull up the cuffs, lower the head to wash her black pants, mirror reflected on the face, low eyes handsome, without any intolerance.After a hot bath, she was able to think.At the moment, he was dressed in black trousers and a black shirt. There were wrinkles in his clothes, the way he had been when she fell into his arms in tears at noon yesterday.It was no accident that he showed up at the hospital after five o ‘clock in the morning, just in time for her to fail, and the only explanation was that someone else had been near her all night, otherwise the car would not have been parked in the hospital.At the beginning, out of friendship and respect for the elders, Lin Junshang came to offer his condolences, but today is the fourth Lord mu, with whom he did not have much relationship, so he did not come.But why was he at the hospital all night, even though he didn’t have to?(click below free reading) the third: “he comes with the wind with warm” author: Beishan feasible introduction: Beijing Gaogan article: “He comes with the wind with warm” 1V1 double clean, story juice, high sweet!One day, she heard Mo Lang laughing at Lin xu and said, “Your wife is really a cow. What she gives yu is innocence, but what she gives you is calculation!”.Lin Xu said with a smile: “I am her life, live together, not a good calculation?”Pit guide: “Sure enough, standing here in a dress is much more harmonious than standing here in a suit, right?”Just scolded by the don, Lin Xu walked into the room, conveniently with the door, walked to her front, a face contentedly looked at her body of the white dress, eyes slowly moved up the last and her eyes.Mu Xin looked down at the waist and the hem of the skirt, but they were not ugly either. She looked up and down carefully and asked with a smile, “Is it nice?Lin Xu lifts eyebrow, “return line.”Embarrassing answer, mu Xin smile stiff at the corners of the mouth, “really don’t know how Lin always this mouth is to get the favor of the mayor’s daughter.””Mrs. Lin means that Lin needs to please?”Mushen pointed to the picture on the wall. “There, your daughter. Don’t you have to coax her?”Dun once, mu Xin convergence jokingly idea, calm ask: “the child is very difficult to coax?””Her mother is more difficult to coax.”Mu Xin: “Lin total, can the attitude agree a bit?””It’s all facts, just subjective,” he said, gesturing toward a small, tree-shaped bed not far away. “There are usb sticks for photos and videos.”(Click below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendations. What would you like to say to the editor?Leave a comment in the comments section at the end of this article. I’m looking forward to your comments.Gu Man, auspicious night is not as good as Ding Mo this gao-ganwen, 9.8 amazing fans, jujube not satiated will see “Doctor Magic Wife is big guy” reborn in the military compound, she incarnated top military doctor, fight Wolf commander “cannon fodder female with to host” wear infertility female with, she entered the space to drink ling Quan, a pregnant twins!