The store operation effect is getting worse and worse!Ninety-nine percent of the operators don’t know it’s the problem

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Recently, many friends often feedback: why when I open the through train, but there are no inquiries in the shop?When the through train was not opened, the daily enquiries of the shops were relatively stable. But since the through train was opened, the enquiries of the shops have declined. What is the matter?Have you ever had such a problem?Below, I will analyze from one of the influencing factors why the through train will lead to the poor operation effect of the store!Because when you use through train to promote the product, the product itself natural flow effect is good keywords to seize through train, crowded out your natural ranking of words!!Generally speaking, the store inquiry decline and the original effect of good product flow or inquiry decline is closely related.In the selection of some trend products or popular products for intelligent promotion or keyword promotion, intelligent promotion includes targeted promotion, boost the explosive products, excellent products grab the position, preferred crowd drainage, recommended promotion – search crowd re-marketing, etc.In the above promotion plans, there will be self-selected keywords and search keywords and crowd re-marketing, after this situation appears.1, such as adding optional keywords, for you to customize the keywords ranking itself not to query, leading to a partial list itself is very good natural ranking keywords are you promote, thereby gaining the exposure position of the first five through train, so as to put itself take the natural ranking traffic location, resulting in the word as long as at the time of train promotion,Could be better than no for promoting the effect is good, because was the natural flow of clicks, instead is achieved through train hits, in fact you of this product is the total clicks no growth, and may promote the word because through train, lead to greater exposure, click-through rates become low, thereby judging compatibility was system declines, lower the original natural rankings.2, in the smart promotion, your promotion plan may encounter this kind of situation, exposure several search words part of a large number of words or a decade or two just clicked once or more times, click-through rate is very high, and this kind of situation, basic can last for a period of time, at the same time this kind of word itself with the matching degree of the product is very high,It’s likely to be precise words or blue ocean words and long tail words.At this point, you should pay attention!Don’t think you’re getting it right!In fact, in this kind of situation, there will be a lot of natural flow ranking good words to be promoted and clicked, that is to say, this kind of word even if you do not promote when you can get a good flow and ranking, because this kind of word may be very matched with your product, and the search of the crowd itself is not much, but the number of clicks will be a lot.In fact, such a promotion plan will pull down your natural flow of these promotion products, this product even if you do not promote, but also better than the present situation!3. The last situation is when you use preferred population diversion and recommendation promotion – search population remarketing.When you use this kind of promotion plan, while does not affect the click-through rates and the overall data of the product itself, but if your product inquiry traffic sources and the crowd itself is messy, you use this kind of promotion plan, the system will give you match a lot of traffic, infinite amplification, let you of the population coverage of this kind of product is bigger,As a result, the original natural flow matching precision crowd is crowded out, so this situation directly leads to your through train to promote such products, the longer the time, you will find that every day is only spending money, is no output, output is lower than before!Perhaps many people have not been aware of these situations, and obsessively obsessed with what the problem is, no matter how much they do not improve, adjust the direction is not the right!First, then how to do?Here are some of my favorite ways to solve these problems.(1) If it is to open the preferred crowd drainage, search crowd re-marketing plan, found that the store traffic decreased or the original store every day stable inquiry into the inquiry declined, and the duration of more than 5 to 7 days, personal advice is to directly suspend the preferred crowd drainage and search crowd in the marketing plan.Because you are starting ineffective programs, whether you start these promotion programs or not, your store traffic will not grow positively.The total flow will not change very much!This plate can check your flow source this plate, before and after the daily flow source channel flow changes can be very intuitive to see the effect.A lot of people misunderstanding, reluctant to close these plans, because the promotion of a period of time, he thinks that has accumulated a certain amount of data, can not give up, then you wait for the flow of money no effect!Indeed, it is very difficult to escape the trap of thinking like this, and people have the mentality of being swayed by considerations of gain and loss, and the feeling of being afraid of losing!(2) If it is a directional promotion and explosive promotion plan, when you start the plan, the traffic continues to drop for more than 5 days, it is recommended to find your search keywords, see what search keywords are exposed and clicked, look at the ranking, for the conventional too accurate, and high volume of clicks of the word, shield.If the situation is still the same, it is recommended to directly suspend such plans and replace them. Do not be obsessed with adjustment plans. Sometimes, the plans have been judged by the system or gone astray in learning, and it is difficult to pull them back, and the effect will continue to be depressed.These decisions are difficult to change, because the operation thinking is limited, too tangled!Please greatly improve the killing decision ability.The above is my pro test some ways, are from practice to get experience.Just look at the budget, it’s spending money every day!If you have encountered this kind of situation, there are more solutions, welcome to share.Hit the lower left corner I want to do foreign trade ~, grasp the digital foreign trade opportunities, let your good goods to the world I want to do foreign trade ~