The mysterious land in the “Sea of death”, the most difficult village to reach in Our country, is unknown to date

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Summary believes that many friends have read an article called The Peach Blossom Source in their childhood, which records a village far away from the secular world.In the village, people do not have to worry about war, famine and other troubles, and live and work in peace and contentment for generations.Of course, this is just the author’s imagination, belongs to a yearning for a better life.So in reality there is no such village as recorded in the Book of Peach Blossom Land?In fact, there really is such a long-term isolated village in Our country, its location is in the Taklimakan Desert.For many years, the villagers lived and worked here in peace and security, without being disturbed by external enemies, which is a real-life version of The Story of Peach Blossom Land.Now this mysterious village is gradually known to the public, I will introduce to you this mysterious village in the Sea of death taklimakan.The Taklimakan Desert is located in the Tarim Basin of Xinjiang, China. It has harsh natural conditions and is known as the Sea of death.Countless adventurers have tried to cross this place over the years, only to end up dead here.The desert stretches 1,000 kilometers from east to west and 400 kilometers from north to south.The desert is statistically difficult to cross by car, let alone on foot.Living in the middle of the desert, one can only look at the yellow sand all over the sky, making people can not help but feel a bit of desolation and despair.The desert climate is extremely dry, with less than 100 millimeters of precipitation per year, and the heat is so intense that water evaporates.As a result, water is scarce here, and the only plants and animals that survive are drought-tolerant ones like camels and cactuses.Isolated Village In the midst of this seemingly desolate desert lies a thriving village called Daliyabui.In those days, an explorer led an expedition into this desert. The people soon became desperate because they could not find water for a long time. Just then, they saw an oasis not far away.At first people thought it was an illusion, but upon closer inspection it turned out to be a village in the desert.The villagers welcomed them warmly, and they were not only rescued but also provided with food, water and adequate supplies.After leaving, the explorer was so moved that he wrote about his experience in his adventure diary, which was later published in 1986 as Crossing Asia.Only then did people realize that there were villages in the depths of the seemingly desolate desert.Unique village culture This village is isolated from the rest of the world for years, so its development is relatively backward, but it has formed its own unique village culture.In terms of food, they also grow some crops, which are dried, ground into flour and baked into sacs. This kind of naan not only tastes good, but also can be stored for a long time.They also tend sheep for meat supplements.The houses they built were very local, and they had to use local materials because they didn’t have reinforced concrete.They cut down drought-tolerant plants to build the main body of the house, and then cover the roof with thick grass. In this way, the house is insulated from the heat and it is not too hot to live inside.To prevent the grass on the roof from being blown away by high winds, some people use mud to secure it.Some people wonder, if you build a roof with grass and mud, won’t the roof be washed away if it rains?Don’t worry about that. They’re in the middle of the desert and it doesn’t rain much all year.Even if it does rain, it’s going to be patchy, it’s not going to be pouring rain, so it’s not going to be like this.The villagers get their water supply from a river called the Kriya, which makes the village possible.However, the villagers had no water pipes and other facilities, so they had to carry buckets to fetch water from the river.The help of outside people learned that the villagers’ living conditions are so backward, the local departments and people from all walks of life have also extended a helping hand to help the villagers improve their lives.At first, in order to make drinking water convenient for the villagers, people set up a hand-pressed well for every household. Although it is backward compared with the tap water pipe, it is more convenient than using wooden buckets to draw water.In this way many families drink sweet and sanitary groundwater.There was no electricity in the village, so the construction workers braved the heat and wind to lay the poles, and then brought electricity to the village. After that, every house was lighted, instead of using the primitive oil lamps.To help the village communicate with the outside world, local authorities paid for the installation of a telephone so that people could call in case of important matters.In addition, the village has also built a new school, and the overall level of knowledge of the villagers has been significantly improved.Later, someone suggested that instead of living in this desolate place, they should move to a city or other place, where the living conditions are much better than here.But the proposal was quickly rejected by the villagers, who probably remembered no place better than the village they had lived in for generations.Is the so-called soul return home fallen leaves, who is willing to leave their homes?So up to now, the villagers have not left their hometown and still live there.I think we have a preliminary understanding of this mysterious village, although the village is not developed but it is a place where many people yearn for, because the village has not some things in the big city.In big cities, people are stressed all the time, although transportation is convenient and life is rich.Pressure in life pressure in work makes many city people pine away.But in this village people’s survival pressure is very small, between the husband and wife also live that kind of male farming and female weaving life, there is no so-called cheating and intrigue.Isn’t this the paradise that many writers yearn for?It is for this reason that many people who want to travel travel thousands of miles to this place to experience the isolated lifestyle.In the early years it was difficult to travel by car, but now the roads have been built and you can drive to this mysterious village and get a taste of the local people.