State Grid Changle District power supply company: power supply line patrol busy guard lights

2022-06-21 0 By

Southeast Network Changle February 4 – (xie Danjing correspondent Lu Weifeng Weng Xin) 2, the state grid Changle district power supply company hangcheng power supply office of the operation and maintenance personnel of maternal and child health care hospital and other important users of internal power supply lines inspection, to ensure the Spring Festival power supply.Inspect the site (its Chinese changle area power supply company for photo) in order to ensure the changle power grid safe and stable operation during the Spring Festival, the company combined with geographical features, changle, earnestly implement the Spring Festival to protect power solutions within the jurisdiction of organization on power supply line patrol, power lines and equipment to carry out all-round through on-site inspection, statistical analysis methods such as information system, given safe hidden trouble,During the Spring Festival, we will do our best to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid and the quality and reliable supply of electricity.The company takes safe and reliable power supply as the top priority of this year’s Spring Festival power supply, and has carried out a comprehensive investigation and rectification of the distribution network before the festival, which greatly improves the reliability of the power supply of the distribution network, effectively alleviates the power supply pressure during the festival, and provides a strong support for the Spring Festival power supply.In addition, the company also accelerated the construction of related power grid projects to promote the speed, completed the agricultural network improvement project construction task, greatly improve the power supply capacity, for the festival power protection work.Source: Southeast network Changle channel