Son’s birthday, Guo Degang so send blessings, net friends see the appearance level fryer

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As xiaobiang said, when the day entered the Spring Festival, some artists have obviously more birthday, all artists started to give their other half, or their children’s birthday upsurge, so far there have been Zhao Jinmai, Fu Xinbo, Wang Yuan, and the couple xie Na Zhang Jie before., after all, as the growth of the age, a lot of the artists have a line from the film and television play in light out, after all, different ages, people pursue different, celebriots so that those who are also in gradually grow up, they have inherited the mantle of the parents, and is the future development goal is becoming more and more clear.Guo degang and his son in the entertainment circle is familiar with a father and son, and the New Year this year, tianjin satellite TV’s Spring Festival gala is also a chance to let the Devon community members of appearance, but the boss behind the nature is guo, guo has trained many satisfied protege, can not only do big business, and cultivate the student is also a talented people,So his son is growing up and is now a rookie.So recently Guo Degang’s baby son also welcomed the good news, the original yesterday was Guo Qilin’s 17th birthday, Guo Degang as a father personally drying out the photos for his son Guo Qilin’s birthday, he also drying out a python to buy Guo Qilin.Many Weibo users reposted and commented that the “humble old father” “comes from my father’s great love”.We find that no matter how famous an artist is, his love for his children is selfless and he hopes his children will have a better future in the future.As a celebriots Guo Qilin basic inherited his father’s legacy, not only has its own unique in said ventriloquist of talent, and he was a regular in the all kinds of variety show, have also participated in some of the performances of the film and television play, including a “celebration of years”, “ZhuiXu” and so on, can say Guo Qilin is also one of the many 90 and 00 after like niche.When he was on stage, he always made everyone laugh.There is a detail, is everyone found Guo Qilin on stage is particularly beautiful, is not that kind of special high levels of appearance, but more able to bear or endure look, so like Guo Qilin so big teenage skin so good does not see more, one of more common is whelk, made a lot of little brother,So can there be a lot of people question how to look for such blain blain after all oneself?In fact, the reasons are nothing more than the following?Among them is the first to bear the brunt of hormone endocrine abnormalities, the general endocrine of our body to maintain a certain balance, but teenagers, because of secretion disorders, and then induce skin problems;Another is bad living habits, we know that children in the growing period are rebellious, but also very infected with bad habits, such as eating spicy food, staying up late, smoking, drinking and so on, is also very easy to induce skin problems;