“Semi-mature Lovers” Wang Nengneng and Huang Ryan, games, sports, talk about feelings (gossip come soon)

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Wang nengneng would bet whenever he played sports with others. At first, with Yang Mengjing, they could bet against each other.This time with Huang Ryan, it’s just a bet to do push-ups.He boasted, too, that he was both virtuous and somewhat athletic.Round 1, arcade fight, this game machine looks familiar to me.I guess I updated it, but I think I had it when I was a kid.Judging by what Wang can do, he probably played a lot when he was young.Bet about is: the first round, 10 push-ups the second round, 20 push-ups do not understand, why to play a game must bet?Two people play, very consistent with their usual impression to us, uncle is a very calm operation over there, no matter he can not, can not.Wang Nengneng is the mischievous type.Occasionally give you a little look and ask for praise.In the first game, uncle lost the penalty, push-ups do very standard.I’d be surprised if I hadn’t read his profile.Well, I just wrote about him yesterday, but he’s a regular exerciser, just like the data shows.Round 2 billiards.Both of them probably haven’t played for a long time, and at the beginning, they didn’t get into the groove.Each dozen face, of course the most important or wang can, the words of too full.Behind the two more play better, Huang Ryan has a handsome posture, the ball also entered.But with wang scoring the black ball, he still won the match.Maybe uncle is really a black hole in the game, whether in the cabin or outside the cabin, he is always the loser.After the game, they went out to find a place to eat and talk around the fire.Wang Nengneng: aerobic, strength, boxing, basketball.Uncle: Can gym Wang have a special video to introduce his gym exercise?Work out two to three times a week. Warm up for the first 10 to 15 minutes, exercise for an hour, and do cardio for the remaining 20 minutes.The most rebellious thing I’ve ever done in my student life, the uncle directly said, “This can’t be broadcast.Later, he said he cut himself playing truant and was beaten by his father when he came home.You know, it’s not a rebel thing, it’s a childhood memory.Wang can talk about his ex-girlfriend.His ex-girlfriend likes someone else. He likes his ex-girlfriend.Two people quarrel, he can wait in front of his ex-girlfriend’s house all night, rain pouring down.This affectionate man, this triangle, this familiar scene, the history is always surprisingly similar!Ha ha!Topic: What type does Huang Ryan like?I didn’t think it was the uncle himself, and I didn’t think he appreciated neutral.Wang neng can immediately say pipi.Uncle said pipi is very feminine and likes to wear pink.Two people chat, very consistent with the impression of the past, it is really uncle than wang can understand more.Appreciate different types of people after 30 Wang Can say that love at first sight is rare.The uncle said, why do you know why?We don’t want to waste each other’s time, and we don’t want anyone else to waste our time.Wang nengneng then said that it takes a lot of energy and time to make a close acquaintance at this age.Is fit more important than liking after 30?I don’t know if this question is asked by the program or wang can think of it by himself.That’s a good question, and one that both men and women care about.Uncle answered first, said to like first.I took it to mean liking is more important.And then he said a bunch of things.Reminds me of “Let’s fall in love” guests discuss a topic: boys like girls have been chasing, slowly girls will like boys.But on the other hand, if the boys don’t like the girls and the girls keep chasing them, the boys won’t change.I remember it was Zhang Jike who had the final word.Look down to find, the world men’s cognition, are not the same?They both agree that liking is more important than fitting.So there must be a reason why there are more and more single people these days, because we don’t want to settle.Should boys be mature or immature in relationships?In the process of love, boys will have childish side.Wang nengneng said, it is because I trust you that I will show you my talent.The question should be changed to say something about naive solutions.Love is not easy after half ripe, this is the consensus of two people.But it seems that all of us still hold out hope for love.The Year of the Tiger has fun