Deep learning Benedict Tianjin action | manufacturing city, tianjin five years adhere to breakthrough

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Host: In the major national strategy of coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Tianjin is endowed with the positioning of “one base and three regions”, among which “one base” is the national advanced manufacturing RESEARCH and development base.In the past five years, centering on this goal, Tianjin has comprehensively built an intelligent technology industrial ecosystem, continued to deepen the strategy of establishing the manufacturing industry as a city, driven economic restructuring and optimization, and continuously improved the core competitiveness of the real economy.Dong Lang reports: Entering the big data center for energy control and production of Xintian Steel Group and Special Steel Co., LTD., the real-time updated data on the LED screen is eye-catching. Sun Jianlong, head of the center, said that there is a collection of 5G, smart sensors, industrial APP and other intelligent technology, which can carry out intelligent control of the whole production process:It can see the data of environmental protection control, safety production control and control, and real-time value of production scheduling.For example, such as sintering plant, iron and steel, steel strip can be monitored, it plays an important role in ensuring safe production.Is it traditional metallurgy to install “smart brain” for “iron giant”?The exploration of industrial transformation and upgrading is also the epitome of tianjin’s efforts to promote the transformation of old and new driving forces in recent years.As an important traditional industrial town in China, Tianjin has a complete range of industries, and has many firsts in the industrial history of new China.It can be said that the real economy based on manufacturing is tianjin’s advantage.However, as China’s economic development enters the new normal, tianjin’s industrial structure is more and more old, the low competitiveness of emerging industries and other shortcomings are increasingly prominent.Nie Xiudong is the vice president of the Machinery Industry Economic Management Research Institute under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. He participated in the compilation of the “14th Five-year Plan for the High-quality Development of Tianjin Manufacturing Industry”.Looking back at the industry five years ago, he said: “On the whole, China’s emerging drivers are still small, and there are more traditional industries.Then our industrial chain level needs to be further improved, especially the supporting capacity of key industries is insufficient.In May 2017, the 11th Party Congress of the city proposed the comprehensive construction of intelligent technology industry ecosystem, driving industrial upgrading.One month later, the first World Intelligence Conference was held, and Tianjin took the lead in raising the banner of intelligent technology in China.Subsequently, a series of supporting policies and measures were introduced, and a special fund of 10 billion yuan for intelligent manufacturing and a fund of 100 billion yuan for the new generation of artificial intelligence technology industry were established in succession.Danfoss (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the research and development, production and sales of commercial compressors, the company has enjoyed the policy funding support for several years, the annual investment of 15 million yuan, the production research and development of intelligent transformation, was named by the World Economic Forum intelligent manufacturing “lighthouse factory”.Zhang Ruixing, senior director of operations, said: Now there are assembly robots, transportation robots, organic processing robots, welding robots, basically realize the full coverage of the whole factory process.These annual production has been increasing substantially, but our costs have been falling, production efficiency has been increasing by double digits every year, and customers complain that the annual decrease is more than 15%.With the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, Tianjin is also constantly expanding the chassis of new driving forces.Since the first World Intelligence Congress was held in 2017, 563 cooperation agreements have been signed during the five congresses, with the agreed investment reaching 458.9 billion yuan.360, Unisplendour cloud, Kylin and a number of high-quality enterprises headquarters settled in the city;A number of projects such as Huawei Kunpeng Ecology, Tencent IDC data Center and IFLYTEK Northern Sound Valley have been successfully implemented.Li Peijiang, vice president of Kirin Software, said that the enterprises in Tianjin Xinchuang Valley have gradually gathered leading enterprises and the industrial ecology has become more and more perfect. Xinchuang Valley provides us with a mature ecological chain, such as Feiteng Chip, Huawei, Ali, 360, NANDA Ge and other upstream and downstream industries, including Great Wall.Software and hardware, database and so on together, become a whole, to our subsequent development of continuous force, we are more confident.By 2020, tianjin industrial added value of strategic emerging industries accounted for 26.1% of the total industrial scale, 8.6% higher than that of the end of the 12th five-year, petrochemical, metallurgical, textile and other traditional industries output value accounts for over 10.7% lower at the end of the “twelfth five-year”, initially formed intelligent science and technology industry as the leading “1 + 3 + 4” modern industrial system.Standing at the new starting point of the “14th Five-year Plan”, Aiming at the goal of establishing the national advanced manufacturing RESEARCH and development base, Tianjin put forward the strategy of establishing the manufacturing industry as a city.One of the important measures is to focus on 12 key industrial chains, including innovation, integrated circuits and biomedicine, to modernize the supply chain.Sun Honglei, director of the planning and development department of the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau, said: “A chain length system should be established under the leadership of municipal leaders, and each industrial chain should formulate a three-year work plan.The work of industrial chain and cluster should be coordinated to promote chain clustering and chain consolidation. In the case of clustering into industrial cluster, it can attract more key links of industrial chain to get closer to the cluster.By the end of 2021, the city’s industrial output value above designated size will exceed 2 trillion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 18%.The growth rate of Xinchuang and integrated circuit industry chain reached 31% and 24% respectively.The establishment of the manufacturing industry has brought an overall improvement of the industrial system, efficiency and competitiveness.Looking back at the past five years, Tianjin has overcome difficulties, clung to the real economy, and accelerated the construction of a strong manufacturing city, and achieved tangible results.Looking to the future, we should continue to activate the iterative manufacturing gene and provide strategic support for the development of the city with the manufacturing industry.Yin Jihui, director of the municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, said: To seize the cultivation of leading enterprises, at the same time, we should have a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises to flourish, and form a integrated development of large and medium-sized enterprises, full of vitality of the industrial ecology.At the same time, we should focus on the gathering of industries, and create a group of influential and competitive theme industrial parks in the country, so that our industrial chain has a good space carrier.Implement the historical strategic deployment of the manufacturing industry established by the Municipal Party Committee, and promote high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.