Dai Chao met with Zhang Guolin and his delegation

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Dingxi NEWS (New Dingxi · Dingxi Daily reporter Zhang Xinjian) On the morning of February 25th, Dai Chao, Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee, met with Zhang Guolin, member of the CPC Committee and Deputy General Manager of Guodian Electric Power Development Co., LTD., and the two sides communicated about the construction of wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy industry projects.Municipal Standing Committee, executive vice Mayor Gao Yongping and municipal Secretary General Kou Jijun attended the meeting.Dai Chao thanked Guodian Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. for its long-term support and help to Dingxi.He said that after years of hard work, Dingxi has won the tough battle against poverty with high quality, completed the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects in line with the rest of the country, made up its weak points in development, and has the basic conditions to run fast and catch up with development. Last year, dingxi was awarded the “Progress Award” by the provincial government for four quarters in a row, and achieved a wonderful start to the 14th Five-Year Plan.In particular, we have seized the opportunity of the national implementation of the “dual carbon” strategy and actively promoted the high-quality development of the new energy industry, which has grown into the fastest growing, healthiest and most confident industry in Dingxi.Guodian Chose to cooperate with us, which demonstrates the strategic vision and strong mission of the central enterprise.Hope that the two sides along the given assumptions and wishes, adhere to the “main channel” of cooperation, the implementation of the mechanism, the agreement, the project, industry, “five things” returns, build clear property rights, clear and smooth operation of modern enterprise system in liability, performance of the new energy, new energy industry, the respect such as carbon sinks trade agreements, quickly and efficiently to promote cooperation projects, extension industry chain to expand unceasingly,Ensure win-win cooperation.Zhang guolin said dingxi has a good advantage in climate resources and a huge space for the development of new energy industry.Guodian Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. has been committed to the investment and development of wind power, solar energy and other new energy sources for many years, and will grasp the new opportunities of bilateral cooperation, uphold the concept of empowering society, actively carry out in-depth cooperation with Dingxi City, and make positive contributions to dingxi’s high-quality economic and social development and rural revitalization.Leaders of municipal development and reform, industry and information technology, natural resources, ecological environment and other related departments attended the meeting.