Shanghai Conservatory of Music affiliated Huangpu Bile Middle School was inaugurated

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On the morning of February 17th, Huangpu Bule Middle School, affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music, was officially inaugurated and signed a cooperative education agreement with Shanghai Conservatory of Music.Huangpu district party committee secretary GaoYun, Shanghai music college, vice secretary of party committee, deputy dean Xu Wei, eddy huangpu district party committee standing committee, propaganda minister, Shanghai zhonghua vocational educationsociety, Shanghai government adviser Hu Wei, deputy director of the standing deputy district chief Yuan Yuan huangpu district, Shanghai music college party committee standing committee member and deputy dean Feng Lei together for “new music”.Bille Middle School is a public and complete middle school in Huangpu District. It was founded in 1946 by Huang Yanpei and other famous patriots and educators. Currently, it belongs to Luwan School District and is good at art education.President luo lx, said in the future, “new music” will rely on regional development and the Shanghai music college resources advantages, the implementation of curriculum construction, learning space creation, teaching staff construction, education resource sharing, etc, to explore cooperation in running schools, focusing on the key link of education development, focus on school from affection, love, actively explore a new mode of education, educational style,With a higher position, a broader vision, to cultivate outstanding talents for the future, strive to open a new chapter of “better music learning, independent development”.It is understood that shangyin and Bille started working together in July last year.At that time, according to the cooperation agreement signed by the People’s Government of Huangpu District and Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the school carried out a series of cooperation in music and art education projects.How effective is it?At the opening ceremony, representatives of teachers and students of Bille Middle School and Shanghai Conservatory of Music jointly performed the original work “Brilliant Tomorrow” by One of the senior one students, Mo Sunamata, in the course of “Computer Music Creation”, which gave the best answer and also showed the beautiful blueprint of the cooperation between the two schools.After exploring in the summer vacation, Bile Middle School opened an extended course of computer music creation for the senior grade in the first semester of 2021, and built a dedicated audio engineering classroom for the school, equipped with professional equipment.Under the guidance of Luo Churan, a postgraduate student in the direction of music Technology and Art of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, students opened the door of music creation and aroused their enthusiasm for music exploration and innovation.He has always been practicing piano performance and has great interest in music creation. However, due to limited conditions, many fantastic ideas can only be completed on the piano.In the computer music creation and development class, Tomo Bunsumata found that music is no longer limited by venue, space, time and personnel, and the musical inspiration in his mind can be immediately recorded, even all kinds of orchestral music and the popular electronic synthetic timbals can be freely called.”Computer music creation and development course for my ‘fantastic ideas’ inserted wings!”At present, the school has been agreed with the Shanghai music college, to cultivate the “computer music creating music engineering talent” as the goal, based on the original foundation and advantages, jointly explore organic docking, integration of higher education and basic education to cultivate innovative music art experience, and the mechanism of cooperation to implement “music artificial intelligence integration of innovative talents training project”,To carry out cooperative training of art management talents, and actively train and transport art education and art management professionals for the development of Huangpu Education and cultural undertakings.”The school has formed a specific vision of one (campus TV station), one (campus art festival), one (‘ Search for Sound ‘propaganda team), and three (‘ Left Wing Flames’ venue course,’ Strong Voice of The Times’ exploratory club course, ‘Voice of the Heart’ performing arts course).”Luo lx, said that the school will also use the opportunity of cooperation, such as the history of music, music appreciation, music performances as the carrier, by reviewing the left-wing music movement under the leadership of the party and the revolutionary war, the period of socialist construction and reform and opening up, and a new era is representative works of music during the period of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the ideological education and the integration of music,To create a curriculum system of “music and political thinking”, “seeking for strong sound, practicing original aspiration and educating new people”.What the teachers and students are looking forward to is that the school will also welcome new buildings and new developments.It is understood that a total investment of 320 million yuan, covering an area of 10,827 square meters, building area of 33,555 square meters of the new school, will be built in huangpu District no. 105 plot.Shanghai Conservatory of Music will also fully support the education and teaching work of the affiliated middle schools, providing high-quality resources, high-end platform and immersive learning and training environment for the professional development of art teachers.To provide music education for the development of students, to assist the school to run a good variety of music teams, and actively provide opportunities and stage for learning exchange display.At the same time, it shares the open educational and teaching resources, students’ social practice resources and related academic resources with teachers and students in the school, providing opportunities and platforms for teachers and students in the affiliated middle school to walk into classics and appreciate art.Author: Huangpu, Shanghai