Our city arranges and deploys each task of agricultural production this spring

2022-06-20 0 By

Main stream Sunshine news February 19 morning, the province spring agricultural production video conference held.The city set up a sub-venue to listen to and watch, and then held a video conference on the city’s spring agricultural production to make arrangements for the comprehensive implementation of spring agricultural production.Wang Xinsheng, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the rizhao branch meeting and spoke.Wang Xinsheng pointed out that affected by last year’s autumn floods, the city’s autumn sowing generally delayed 7-10 days, winter wheat growth and previous years than significantly weaker.Zhuhai spring will begin in early march, various departments at all levels should attach great importance to and earnestly study and implement the national and the province related conference spirit, the spring agricultural production, focusing on the “one field three parks” solid effective measures, determined to win the first battle spring agricultural production, for the annual harvest of grain and agricultural production stability.Wang Xinsheng stressed that it is necessary to do a good job in spring field management according to the soil and seedlings, adhere to the combination of early spring suppression and mid-tillage, to achieve the effect of matsushita on the soil layer, increase soil moisture, keep soil moisture, increase temperature and resist drought.It is necessary to carry out classified and precise control of wheat fields, scientifically manage fertilizer and water, and promote the transformation and upgrading of seedling conditions.We will continue to push forward the special campaign to strengthen winter wheat seedlings through science and technology, organize technical personnel to go to fields for guidance and services, and provide scientific and technological support for stable wheat yields.It is necessary to strengthen the monitoring of soil moisture in wheat fields in the whole city, scientifically study and judge the occurrence situation of diseases, insects and grass, promote the integration of professional unified control and green prevention and control, and achieve early detection, early warning and early prevention and control.We should pay close attention to weather changes, focus on preventing extreme weather and reverse cold, and improve our ability to prevent and mitigate natural disasters.(Rizhao newspaper all media reporter Qin Zhao report)