In 1976, Premier Zhou died, Deng Yingchao threw herself in her arms and kept Shouting: I came too late

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In the long history, there are many handsome great men, premier Zhou Enlai is one of them.His love with Deng Yingchao is more enviable, the world forever praise.However, something unexpected happened. On January 8, 1976, the handsome Prime Minister passed away from us forever. For a time, our whole country was in deep sorrow.When Premier Zhou’s wife Deng Yingchao heard the news, she rushed to the hospital immediately from home, threw herself in his arms and repeatedly cried, “I came too late.The People’s Good Premier Zhou Enlai was modest, gentle and friendly.In the 1970s, When China ushered in the second spring of diplomatic relations, Zhou Enlai was busy as an ant on a hot pot.Staying up late was the norm for Zhou enlai, and a good night’s sleep was his greatest luxury.But Zhou enlai had worked so hard to keep diplomacy in order that when zhou met the Vietnamese prime minister, he was tired. The handsome Premier was tired now.In order to show the greatest respect to the other party, Zhou Dragged his tired body to the bathroom to shave his beard, but he was so tired that he fell asleep after shaving.But then the negotiations went well, and this was our lovely premier Zhou Enlai.Zhou Enlai had a revolutionary career of more than 50 years and served as premier for 26 years.Zhou Enlai was busy all his life. When he was still a boy, he had the firm belief of “reading for the rise of China”.Later, he rushed around the world for the survival of the Chinese nation. He participated in wars, diplomacy and national governance. For the sake of the country, he could give up his family and take care of everyone.Because he is the prime Minister of the people, he can’t stop, he can’t let go of these things, even though his staff begged him to stop, to adjust, to take care of his health, but he said yes, he just kept on doing it.He really did serve the people heart and soul. He devoted his life to the country. He was a “good prime minister of the people”.Zhou enlai and Deng Yingchao met during the patriotic movement that shocked the rest of the world. Their relationship went to the next level when Deng received a postcard from Zhou.At that time, two people know the intention, can be a total of hoary, wedding day, is the joy of reunion after a long separation and the joy of marriage.They had a half-century marriage. They had a strong partnership.How much did Zhou Enlai love Deng Yingchao?Because they both loved crabapple flowers, Zhou enlai chose to live in a courtyard with flowering crabapple flowers.Because Zhou enlai was busy with his work, Deng Yingchao could seldom accompany him and they rarely met. Deng Yingchao could only urge Zhou Enlai to rest through letters.But Zhou enlai did not forget to love her. He took time out of his busy schedule to answer her letters.The letter between two people let a person feel one of the true feelings, everywhere is thick not to open the truth, sentimental and full of passion, moving, also let us sigh at that time of love is good.Deng Yingchao also deeply loves Premier Zhou, Deng Yingchao’s wish is to be with Zhou Enlai in life and death, she hopes that she can be with Zhou Enlai in an urn, with a place, to achieve life and death.Zhou Enlai was infinitely busy all his life and eventually became ill from exhaustion.Doctors found problems with the prime minister’s medical tests and eventually diagnosed cancer.It was the greatest wish of all people to let the premier go to the hospital for treatment, but Zhou Enlai did not agree, because he could not put down the state affairs, he also knew that cancer could not be cured, so he continued to work in his seriously ill body.He had thirteen surgeries from the time he was hospitalized to the time he died, and he didn’t stop working while he was hospitalized.Day after day, he could not endure. At the end of the day, Zhou Enlai was very, very weak, just like a dandelion. When the wind blew, he scattered.The hospital notified his wife, Deng Yingchao, who rushed to the hospital and threw herself in his arms, repeatedly crying, “I came too late.”Zhou enlai and Deng Yingchao had no children and no inheritance, yet millions of tearful people marched down the strip to see them off.On the day of Zhou Enlai’s death, the whole country was in sorrow. The people saw him off in front of Tiananmen square with tears streaming down their faces.Zhou Enlai dedicated his whole life to the country, beng so full of sweat, and really did his best until he died.Today, our country is prosperous and strong. We have lived up to his efforts and achieved the greatest wish of the Chinese people. Today is a prosperous time, as you wish.Premier Zhou Enlai has always been a good premier in the hearts of the people.