How to supplement nutrition after age 65?For 4 kinds of common diseases, we should pay attention to the supplement of 7 kinds of nutrition

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I believe many readers know that in daily life, the elderly will not only have problems of one kind or another, but also due to the aging of the digestive system, so they will present a state of malnutrition.The reason why such a result, largely because, the elderly gastrointestinal absorption function, has been a serious decline.The children of the elderly also make great efforts to help them supplement their nutrition, with little success.Especially those elderly friends suffering from chronic diseases, in order to ensure their personal health, so in the daily diet, there will be a lot of taboos.For this segment of the elderly, they have less access to nutrition, so they are more prone to the symptoms of malnutrition.Especially for the elderly over 65 years old, if they suffer from the following four common diseases, in the daily diet, should pay more attention to supplement the following seven types of nutrition.According to the data of the seventh national population census, the number of the elderly in China has exceeded 260 million.In a large number of elderly people, many people also suffer from chronic diseases for years, in addition to high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia, there are many elderly people suffering from serious diabetes.This not only seriously affects the health of the elderly, but also causes cardiovascular diseases to a large extent.For this part of the special population, they in daily life, also should pay attention to food reasonably, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to their health.In clinical medicine, doctors suggest that patients suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases must pay attention to vitamin supplementation in their daily diet.Because vitamins can not only maintain the health of the human nervous system, but also have synergistic effects between various nutrients.They can ensure the nervous system health of the elderly to the maximum extent, which can not only effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but also promote the metabolism of human substances.Especially B series of vitamins, but also the elderly need to supplement.For those patients suffering from hyperhomocysteine, more attention should be paid to personal dietary nutrition, timely supplementation of B series of vitamins, on the one hand, can effectively improve the threat of high homocysteine to blood vessels, on the other hand, can also improve the situation of blocked metabolism of human body.Perhaps it is for this reason that doctors also advise people with chronic diseases to eat more whole grains and animal liver in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables in their daily lives, because these foods are rich in B vitamins.In addition to the above nutrients, for patients suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, attention should also be paid to supplement coenzyme.Because this substance can not only remove free radicals, but also maintain the normal metabolism of cells, and in many organs of the human body, coenzyme is abundant.As a fat soluble substance, it is most obvious in the human brain and heart, and plays a very large role.However, for old friends, with the passage of age, the content of coenzyme is also very small.In order to maximize the role of coenzyme, the elderly in the daily diet, to supplement deep-sea fish and cherries and other foods, especially in the cold winter, should also eat some pork and beef, because these substances contain coenzyme.It can not only delay the aging of organs, but also accelerate the blood circulation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels, so that old friends benefit a lot.However, for many elderly friends, they sometimes do not pay attention to personal diet, so lead to the lack of this nutritional element coenzyme, causing a serious impact on their health.I believe that many readers know that the elderly are very prone to fracture in daily life, which not only seriously affects the quality of life of the elderly, but also can produce fatal harm.This is largely because the elderly are particularly prone to abnormal bone metabolism, which leads to the problem of osteoporosis.So while walking up and down stairs, or crossing the street, elderly people can fall and break bones without realizing it.Women are less fit than men and more likely to suffer from osteoporosis due to menopause.Especially in terms of age, women present such problems much earlier than men, which is undoubtedly a very big harm to female friends.Because when the elderly fracture, they need to stay in bed for a long time, recovery is very slow.So in this respect, the elderly must pay attention to the problem of osteoporosis.To help the elderly cope, experts also remind them to supplement their diet not only with calcium, but also with maximum vitamin D.In fact, many readers know that calcium supplement is a common topic for the elderly, because the main element of bone is composed of calcium, so for the elderly, in order to prevent osteoporosis, it is necessary to supplement more calcium in daily life.In addition to regular consumption of soy products, the elderly should drink more milk with higher calcium content.In addition to calcium, vitamin D supplements in the elderly are also important, because these substances can not only promote calcium absorption, but also promote the production of bone formation.Perhaps because of this reason, the elderly in the prevention of osteoporosis, not only calcium supplement, or vitamin D supplement, must be supplemented at the same time, in order to play a good effect.In terms of vitamin D supplementation, mushrooms and spinach are also the two most typical food ingredients, which are not only very good for the elderly to absorb, but also very rich in vitamin D content.In addition to these common vegetables, foods including fish liver oil and animal liver are also top choices for vitamin D supplements.However, for most of the elderly, in their daily life, they should adhere to the diversification of diet, which can not only maximize to help the elderly supplement the nutrition needed by the human body, but also to achieve a balanced diet, which is also crucial to the health of the elderly.Dietary supplements are also recommended for older adults with other chronic conditions to improve their health.I believe that many readers have noticed that in modern society, more and more Alzheimer’s patients have appeared in front of everyone.So far, medical experts have not been able to figure out what causes alzheimer’s disease in older people, but it is largely due to the lack of nutrients that contribute to the severe disease.This not only seriously affects the daily life of the elderly, but also is unbearable for their families, because of the great harm of Alzheimer’s disease.Older people with the disease lose their memory as they age, sometimes losing recognition of their closest relatives.Under such circumstances, the elderly sometimes get lost after going out and cannot find their way home.Busy with their work, relatives can only stop their work, everywhere looking for the lost elderly, which is very common in daily life.Perhaps for this reason, patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are also inseparable from family care in daily life.In order to prevent alzheimer’s disease in the elderly, the family should also pay attention to helping the elderly supplement unsaturated fatty acids such as DHA in their daily diet.Because this substance can not only protect the brain, but also promote the absorption of nutrients in brain cells, so it is also very beneficial to the health of the elderly.Among many foods, formula milk powder and nuts are also rich in DHA unsaturated fatty acids, which are very suitable for the elderly to supplement nutrition.If conditions permit, consider giving the elderly some deep-sea fish oil.In addition to supplement DHA and other unsaturated fatty acids, there is a key substance, also need elderly people, in daily life to increase intake, that is lecithin.I believe many readers are familiar with this substance. It is not only an important element in human brain nerve cells, but also can improve the activation of human brain cells.In the body of the elderly, the content of lecithin is relatively low, in order to provide adequate nutrition for the brain, the elderly in the individual diet, should also pay attention to supplement lecithin.In addition to peanuts and egg yolks, foods including fungi and broccoli are good sources of lecithin.None of these foods are expensive, but they have a strange effect on helping the elderly replenish lecithin.Therefore, in daily life, for the families of the elderly, they should also buy more such foods to help the elderly replenish lecithin.For every old person, they should also have a reasonable diet, not only to make their nutrition more comprehensive, but also to develop a good habit of using their brain often, in order to avoid the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease.Four, muscle volume reduction according to modern medical research shows that the elderly in daily life, the reason why easy to fall and fracture, on the one hand is due to the elderly osteoporosis, on the other hand, and the elderly muscle volume reduction, has an inseparable relationship.With the increasing age of the elderly, their absorption of nutrients is also more difficult, there is in daily life, will also show the current situation of muscle volume decreased year by year, that is, medical we often say sarcopenia, which is also very adverse to the health of the elderly.Older people suffering from this kind of disease will not only fall and fracture, but also show slow walking and difficult standing, which is also a very common thing in daily life.In order to reduce the pain of patients, doctors remind the majority of patients at the same time, in the annual physical examination must check their body fat ratio, which can not only prevent sarcopenia very well, but also let the elderly on their own physical condition, have a clearer understanding.Let them know which aspects of nutrition they should take in their daily life.For the elderly, we must do some physical exercise in our daily life, which can not only maintain the health of the elderly, but also to the greatest extent, prevent the elderly from sarcopenia.Alleged prevention is greater than cure, old people should understand this truth, besides strengthening exercise, notice the food problem of the individual even.Want to eat meat and poultry eggs more not only, and drink milk more even, in order to increase protein intake, this to prevent muscle little disease, it is very obvious effect.I believe many readers know that protein is an indispensable nutrient for human body. It can not only maintain human health, but also meet the energy needed for human movement.However, for the elderly, because their digestive system has been in the state of aging, so from food, protein intake function gradually weakened.In order to solve this problem, the elderly should drink more milk and supplement some high-protein foods, which can not only make their nutrition more comprehensive, but also reduce the load of the stomach.For those suffering from chronic diseases of the elderly, they in daily life, also have many contraindications, this has been a very common thing.To help these old people complement protein, the doctor gave very pertinent suggestion likewise, ask old people must according to oneself actual situation, accomplish reasonable diet, and do not increase oneself metabolism, lest pair of oneself illness, cause more serious consequence.Conclusion As a special group in today’s society, the elderly should also receive more attention in their daily life.Especially for the elderly, they suffer from chronic diseases, so they should pay more attention to personal nutrition, in order to maximize the protection of personal health, reduce the harm of disease.In addition to taking supplements, the elderly should also have regular check-ups to avoid overdoing it.After all, in modern nutrition, some elderly people need light diet, and some elderly people need to strengthen nutrition, so it can not be generalized.No matter which form, the purpose is to ensure the health of the elderly, so from this point, the elderly should also listen to the doctor’s advice, to avoid blind nutrition, to their own health harm.