Cristiano Ronaldo leaves disappointed!An initiative to the ball was ignored by the Manchester united starlet, who had run out of stamina after 94 minutes

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Another Manchester United upset!Manchester United suffered a 1-1 draw at old Trafford in the 25th round of the Premier League.Cristiano Ronaldo did his best.He had a chance to open the net in the opening stages.But Manchester United starlet Sancho never got the ball to him.Later, although he scored a goal, but the referee was called offside.At the end of the game, Ronaldo was also very disappointed and walked back to the dressing room alone.This game, Ronaldo continues to start.In the opening stages, United had a very good three-on-two chance.Sancho was running with the ball on the left.On the right, Cristiano ronaldo is frantically chasing the ball.It was a pity that Sancho, eager to score, did not pass the ball to Ronaldo in the first place.When he took the ball with the penalty area to pass, the line has been blocked by the other goalkeeper.This time, United missed a golden opportunity to score.Later in the game, despite sancho scoring his own goal, United struggled in defence and conceded early in the second half before Adams gave Southampton an equaliser.After conceding an equaliser, United struck back many times.Ronaldo was left fuming after the 71st minute goal was ruled offside by the referee.United again missed a chance to come back ahead.In the 94th minute of stoppage time, United missed the winner.Maguire’s header was saved by the goalkeeper.If cristiano Ronaldo had headed the ball this time, United would have had a chance.But in slow motion, Ronaldo was already a little tired. When he jumped, he was no longer as tall as he used to be.Now, Ronaldo has been 37 years old, such a veteran play full court, but also need to run back and forth to participate in the defense, really a bit too much, let a person have to sigh, then strong superstar, also difficult to rival the years ah!Overall, the match was not friendly for Cristiano ronaldo, who left the pitch in a dejected mood.