160 square meters double xiaoping, living room 7.5m

2022-06-20 0 By

Today we share a unique door model.This door model building area is 160 square meters, belong to double entry in the air, have a total of two use area.The ground floor is a large flat level with a visual feel, and the second floor is a separate en-suite bedroom.House model reflects the gene of double key room, also play the advantage of child and mother room to the limit.For families with three children or three generations, the second floor as an independent space remains calm and independent.So it is very suitable for a large number of families to live together, without conflict, no interference with each other.The first floor is a hallway.There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms with open Windows.There are balconies in both north and south. The living room and dining room form a large horizontal hall with an opening of 7.5m.The space vision achieves the first-rate effect.The second floor is a separate bedroom from the stairs.This bedroom has the independent bright window toilet, also has the rich clothing storage space, can be said to become a world of its own.If the family has different work and rest habit, so the biggest advantage of the bedroom of space of lower layer is not to interfere with each other.What do you think of this apartment model?