The brewing process of maotai-flavor liquor is special, different from the aroma and fragrance

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It takes at least five years for a bottle of maotai-fragrant wine to leave the factory from raw materials.In this, divided into two feeding, nine cooking, eight drying, and to add qu, high temperature accumulation, into the pool fermentation, wine, storage, etc..Why does maotai-flavor liquor have development potential?Compared with the mature luzhou-flavor liquor market, maotai-flavor liquor market is still in the stage of cultivation.Since the liquor industry entered a period of deep adjustment, there are many topics about liquor adjustment, but compared with other liquor market of flavor, maotai-flavor liquor seems to have more potential.Some people say that the liquor industry has been deeply adjusted, and not all categories will face the same intensity of adjustment. Now it seems that the winter of the industry has not spread to the maotai-flavor category.Some experts predict that it will take five years for the maotai-flavor liquor market to be enlarged and mature.First of all, the premium capacity of soy wine is still very strong. With the continuous upgrading of consumption, the growth of high-quality and healthy liquor must be the future trend.Based on the production line of maotai-flavor enterprises in the early stage, the annual sales growth will be more than 40%, far exceeding the growth rate of Luzhou-flavor and other flavor liquor.In the five years from 2015 to 2020, maotai-flavor liquor will gradually move towards a harvest surge. By 2020, Maotai-flavor liquor will account for more than 30% of liquor, and its profit will account for half of the entire liquor market.Maotai-flavor liquor has been transformed from a small minority to a mass flavor liquor. In the next five years, the market sales scale of Maotai-flavor liquor will reach 100 billion yuan, and soy liquor will continue to develop steadily.Secondly, capital will become a driving force to promote the scale of soy wine, and the large capital entering soy wine has the financial strength to adjust the industry, and the large capital enterprises will greatly improve the whole industry.And this year’s changes in the industry, will also squeeze out some small and medium-sized capital bubble, but conducive to the development of the industry.The alcohol content of maotai-fragrant wine is scientific and reasonable.The alcohol concentration of maotai-flavored wine is generally about 53%(V/V), and the water molecules and alcohol molecules bind firmly at 53 degrees alcohol concentration.In addition, the storage period of maotai-fragrant wine is longer, and the free wine molecules are less, so the stimulation to the body is small.It is currently recognized in the wine can play a role in health care, small harm to the body of healthy liquor.Maotai-flavor wine “three high” characteristics, distillation of the wine temperature up to 40 degrees above, nearly twice higher than other flavor wine temperature, high temperature effectively volatilized harmful to human health.Maotai-flavor liquor is less volatile and less stimulating to human body.In addition, the liquor has to be stored for more than three years, and most of the volatile substances can evaporate.Therefore, the preservation of volatile substances in the wine body is less, less stimulation to the human body, which is beneficial to health.Maotai-flavor liquor is gradually accepted by the market and consumers. The popularity of maotai-flavor liquor is the inevitable trend of the development of Chinese liquor in the future.The following factors make the market development of maotai-flavor liquor in: The need to improve the quality of liquor: Maotai-flavor liquor can play a role of “improving the liquor body, covering the impurities, extending the aftertaste and improving the liquor quality” for other liquor flavors.Now many enterprises want to develop maotai-flavor liquor, which is also a need to improve and enhance liquor quality.Superior quality: Maotai-flavor liquor has incomparable superior quality compared with other liquor flavors.This is an important quality attribute of maotai-flavor liquor which is different from other flavor liquor.Consumer choice: Maotai-flavor liquor can only be made with traditional technology and grain as raw material. The technology and quality characteristics of maotai-flavor liquor make people have a sense of trust.Maotai-flavor liquor has formed a consumption trend, in people’s economic conditions allow, maotai-flavor liquor has become the choice.Inspired by the concept of healthy consumption: the amount of fermented liquor in maotai-flavor liquor is more than 4 times that of other flavor liquor, so the phenolic compounds in the liquor are 3-4 times higher than that of ordinary liquor, and these phenolic compounds are beneficial ingredients to improve human health.The health characteristics of maotai-flavor liquor are obvious, which is consistent with the contemporary consumption concept. The increase of consumer groups is definitely a trend, so the market prospect is “rising”.The health characteristics of maotai-flavor liquor are obvious, which is consistent with the contemporary consumption concept. It is definitely a trend that the consumer groups are increasing, so the market prospect is bright.The threshold of maotai-flavor liquor development and production is high, the market competition is relatively relaxed, so the market access is very broad.It is through these two causal relationship “why”, maotai-flavor liquor market is the development of a long journey, but also the birth of a hope.Facing the rapidly changing liquor market, facing the coming maotai-flavor era.If you have enough strength, if you have a clear thinking, if you have the eyes to see the market.So, what are you hesitating about?The huge maotai-fragrant liquor market is about to soar, and the huge wealth brought by this is only for those who are prepared!!