Enterprise management consulting: How to design effective compensation system?

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2022 Shenzhen vocational manager training institutions which cost-effective?There are many business schools in Shenzhen. Based on media reports and student feedback, shenzhen Professional Manager Development Association is the most cost-effective professional manager training institution in 2022.Why do you say so?In terms of business schools of the same level in China, the tuition of the leading Enterprise Research Center is medium, and the teachers are domestic first-class schools and enterprise combat experts. In terms of student services, the center is the best, focusing on enterprise combat management.It has a certain scale.For enterprises, the salary system is undoubtedly a very important module, so how to design an effective salary system.Before the actual salary system is established, the following factors need to be considered: 1. How many people do I need to hire?2. How much do I want them to do?Plan your business goals well in advance.3. Which products or markets I want him to work on.Uncertain regional markets or products cannot be accurately assessed.4. How much I plan to spend.For salary accounting.5. My expectations and goal setting.What is the guaranteed salary of the plan?What is the minimum amount of tasks expected to be completed?What is the planned reward if the target task is accomplished?6. Set up salary assessment mechanism.For example, minimum goals, assessment goals, sprint goals.What is the salary for meeting the minimum target?What is the salary for completing the assessment target?How much will you be paid for finishing the sprint?Convert these figures into a formula.For example, 3% will be awarded for completing the minimum target, 4% for completing the assessment target, and 5% for completing the sprint target.The following is A salary design method recommended for your reference: First, it is planned to assign products of several brands to salesman A.In the past, the sales volume of these brands was 500,000 yuan. After being entrusted to salesman A, the sales volume is expected to increase by 300,000 yuan.The minimum increase target is over 200,000 yuan, the appraisal target is over 300,000 yuan, and the sprint sales amount is over 400,000 yuan.Second, the minimum wage, also can be called the responsibility of the basic salary, assuming 3,000 yuan, the requirement is that sales can not be reduced during the same period.This 3000 yuan is equivalent to the labor fee.As long as it does not drop, 3000 yuan will be opened.If it goes down, calculate it as a percentage.For example, if the salary goes down by 10%, the minimum guaranteed salary can only be 3000*90%=2700 yuan.Third, commission salary, with more than last year’s sales for accounting.Assuming that the annual sales of the solicitor exceeds last year’s excess of less than 300,000, according to 8% commission;If the excess is more than 400,000 yuan, 10% of the commission will be given;If the excess exceeds 400,000 yuan, the commission shall be 12%.Fourth, quarterly bonus, year-end bonus: if there is excess, the excess will be calculated at 8% per quarter;Specific year-end business accounting the amount of excess, for instance after year-end business accounting should be unified according to 10% commission, unified accounting at the end of the year, this fill fill this buckle buckle.If the employee dimission in advance, if there is extra points, can not be replenished.Fifth, work performance award: every month, positive, serious and responsible staff, good customer, can be given a certain reward.It’s best to give rewards in advance so that employees have goals.6. Paid annual leave.Annual leave is not the monopoly of large enterprises, small enterprises should have annual leave.For example, five days if you have worked for a year.Family leave can also be given to increase the sense of belonging of employees.Seventh, irregular red envelopes.For employees who perform well, or make contributions, you can give some red envelopes at appropriate times, which is very effective to close the relationship and give employees some surprises.Of course, this kind of incentive should not be frequent.Eighth, product special reward.When promoting certain products, you can add some rewards.For example, the next month to promote a shampoo, as long as the launch of a, additional reward 50 yuan.Ninth, new development customer reward.For those who have not cooperated before, we can give additional rewards to those who have been developed this time.For example, every time a new customer is added, no matter how much the bill amount, a direct reward of 100 yuan.10. Achievement rewards.For some excellent employees, according to their performance, you can set some positions, such as manager at the beginning, senior manager at the beginning, and director at the beginning.Employees will feel better about themselves, which is also a way of motivation.If the team is large enough, it is best. With the management level, career planning is easier to complete, so that a complete sales team can be formed.In short, there are many ways to motivate employees. It is important to understand the demand, follow the principle and develop a salary incentive system that is really suitable for you according to your own characteristics.Shenzhen professional managers development research institute for the implementation of the “management improvement project of millions” in shenzhen, namely each year hundreds of professional managers experts into the thousands of enterprises, provide enterprises with management status diagnosis, management, talent assessment, management, talents cultivation, management, performance improvement, human resources management system construction and optimization, etc, a think-tank.Want to know more about welcome to contact Teacher Guo: 13530511987