Dota2- three baby girl cloth?Xie Bin, Lao Chen and Longdd are now anchors of “Sister Band”?

2022-06-19 0 By

Hello, this is Zwj, captain Dragonfly.As we all know, in the Dota circle, if you want to gain high popularity, you either need to have strong personal ability like rejecter, Ame, Maybe, or you need to be crazy to pull the blood pressure of your friends, and Xie Bin DD belongs to the best of the second type of anchors…Sister with live (sister with) I think we all know, the OB commentary group has formed a sister with black team, when YYF is busy commentary “taught cup” college league Xie Bin DD will be pulled to the shift,And in Xie Bin DD, Chen, Longdd with sister live in the process of the three once in the circle of famous god level players actually reduced to rely on the sister to lie down to win the next meal anchor…Xie Bin DD was a god in the early days. His heroes besides Mystery and Sand King were bat Knight, and xie Bin DD also played his old bat in the final match on March 14, 2022.At the beginning, he even talked with Chen about the European Champions League and even said something like “It would be better for Paris to have us as coaches”. However, contrary to what we want, He was confident and confident.But his bats have a 1-2 record against the Firecats and have managed to increase their “attendance rate” since the start of the season.3 baby female cloth is worth mentioning, besides Xie Bin DD in the game to act like a cheerleader, Chen and Longdd didn’t good to go there, but they are just in cut out up to 14 record – 48 cases were two lv/female cloth to take god to lie, and Xie Bin DD in even after that game very domineering and Mr. Chen said,”Brother, there is no losing when I take out the bat.”In addition to playing Dota, Xie bin also plays chess very poorly (as we all know, Binbin Chicken restaurant does not have chickens). After the next broadcast, Xie Bin even said on the social media platform: “Water friends, there is no me tomorrow.I haven’t eaten chicken for several days, and the broadcast room is full of distrust of anchors. Binbin Chicken shop will close down if I go on like this, so I will shut up and study tomorrow, and I will eat hard when I come back the day after tomorrow.”Have to admit that Xie Bin DD in clown this aspect of attainments is really quite high, perhaps this is the somebody else can become a big anchor of the reason!So what do you think about that?Do you think Xie bin DD is playing dumb or just being stupid?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section, and be sure to click “like” to support a wave.#dota2#