“The gambler sells the cow.”

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Deng Cheng, 32 years old this year, since the gambling addict, can be counted down big luck.Lose lose, lose him infatuated, two eyes red, no way to go, had to sell home that old cow.The old cow was very strange. He was very docile in front of women and old people. He would not lose his temper even if he beat him.But the big boys, even his master, Deng Cheng, were not allowed to touch him. If he touched him, he would break off the REINS and run away, and no one but the women could catch him.Therefore, if Deng Cheng wanted to sell the cow, he first needed his wife’s permission.So, he had to be brave to his wife put forward the plan to sell cattle.The wife was very angry, not only did not agree to sell cattle, but also scolded her husband.She cursed and cried, and after scolding, she went back to her mother’s house.His wife’s objection did not change deng’s mind. The cow had to be sold, but how could he get it to market?He thought a lot and finally came up with a brilliant idea.The next morning, Deng Cheng put on his wife’s flower clothes, put on his wife’s high heels, shaved his beard and combed his hair, and wrapped a red scarf around his head. It was wonderful.The big boy was suddenly a she-monster!When he had made up his costume, he looked at it carefully in the mirror and felt that nothing could be done. Then he sauntered into the cow-shed, unfastened the REINS of the cows, and led them away.The honest old cow, thinking he was really a woman, went along with him.It was almost the market, but a mad young man grabbed the bridle of an ox and shouted, “You thief, how dare you steal my cow!”Deng Cheng was worried: “Are you blind?Nonsense!”When he cried, the cow understood.This is a fake!Eyes wide open, tail cocked, head cocked, he slipped the REINS.He ran.Deng Cheng was so angry that he pointed at the young man and scolded him: “You bastard, you have ruined my great event!Ah, cow. My….He started after the cow.Who knows did not run a few steps, “plop” fell to the ground, climbed up a look, I saw the heel of a high-heeled shoe dropped.He simply took off his shoes, slung the straps together, slung them over his shoulder again, and pursued.As luck would have it, there came a young man in a flowered shirt and jeans, his hair reaching to the front of his brow, and carrying a lady’s handbag. He saw a “girl” chasing a cow and stopped the cow at once.When Deng Cheng stumbled up to him, he saw that he was also a man in flowered clothes. So he said angrily, “I captured the cow for you. You can’t work for nothing.Cow 1 listen to, be surprised, how do, I again mistake person?So the first one ran away again.He had no idea that his head had caught the young man’s bag by the horns and carried it away.This can be really lively, a chase cattle, a chase bag, a cattle race began.They were out of breath after running a mile in front of each other, when a real woman met them.The woman was deng Cheng’s wife.She spent the night in her parents’ house, because she could not rest assured that the old cow at home, breakfast rushed to the market, a careful search, did not find their own cow, this was a lot of rest assured, by the way to buy some food and hurried home, who knows on the way to meet their own cow.She shouted, and when the cow stopped, it stood still.She saw a small bag hanging from the horn, and suddenly realized that her bag was missing. She hurriedly took down the bag on the horn and found it was the bag she had lost.”Why, how did this bag get here?”As she was wondering, she saw two men running after her. One called, “My cow!”One shouts, “My bag!”When she saw this, she understood that neither of them was a thing. One was the husband who stole the cow, and the other was the bag thief.”Well, I’ll teach you today.”She thought of this, and hung her purse round the horns of the cow, and tied it to the tree, and hid herself aside.Deng Cheng and the young man ran up to the cow, panting. One was about to untie the REINS, the other was about to pick up the bag, when Deng Cheng’s wife suddenly appeared in front of them.At the sight of his wife, Deng Cheng was stunned and froze.His wife said, “Why are you standing there?Arrest the bag thief!”In this way, the thief who stole the bag was sent to the police station for investigation, deng Cheng made a complete confession to his wife, and promised not to gamble any more, and got a lenient sentence, only three days “detention”.# Headlines ## Stories #