Take card express | Poly Puan was approved pre-sale card, will enter the market 70 houses

2022-06-18 0 By

According to the housing security and real estate administration bureau of Zhengzhou, Poly Pu ‘an was approved to sell on April 1, was approved to sell 70 houses, building 12#13# building, the pre-sale certificate number is: Zheng Fang pre-sale word (D1199).According to the public information shows, the pre-sale card record named Poly Longyue house, located in Zhengdong New District Longhu Inner ring North Road north, west dragon Designed road, the developer for Zhengzhou Exhibition Property Co., LTD., it is reported that the building was licensed for 12 # 13# building, residential construction area of 13482.46 square meters, 70 sets of housing.Property fee: 6.8 yuan/month/square meter for multiple floors.Poly Puan is the no.11 land of Beilonghu, which is developed by poly, a state-owned enterprise. At present, it has the best location in the north bank, with Longhu in the south and Weihe Park in the west. It is 300 meters to the northeast, with no. 15.16 double subway, pure 7-story house, with an area of 160-240 square meters and a club house of 2200 square meters.Poly Puan residential product planning for 160-260 square meters of four rooms, the average sales price of 38,000-42,000 yuan/square meters.Continue to pay attention to the certification of real estate, to understand the latest market developments, concessions!Cambridge Huan new ideas 6 actions, 1 billion subsidies to attack