Good news!The east Coast project of Bao ‘an Happy Harbor won the national architectural award

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ArchDaily China Architecture of the Year award 2022 has concluded, and Shenzhen Bao ‘an Happy Harbor East Bank project won the first prize.ArchDaily’s China Architecture Of the Year awards is an event with the theme of “introducing Chinese architecture to the world and allowing Chinese architecture to participate in the wave of global exchange”. The three winning projects this year focus on public space and urban renewal by LLA Architecture design (Laguarda.Low)The master planning and architectural design of Shenzhen Bao ‘an Happy Harbor East Bank, by Architects, strives to combine the beautiful ecological environment with the highly experienced urban space, winning the championship. Separated by qianhai Bridge, Shenzhen Bao ‘an Happy Harbor East Bank is located in the coastal zone of bao ‘an Central District, and is worthy of the name C of the Greater Bay Area.The main leaders of the municipal party committee under the high attention and support, baoan district planning layout of the oct group high hand in hand, adhere to the “international vision, original design, open sharing, green ecological, intelligent technology, three-dimensional traffic” development philosophy, the first phase of the project covers an area of 380000 square meters, of which the baoan district government investment of 1.5 billion yuan to build 270000 square meters of municipal park,Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Co.,Ltd will invest 10.5 billion yuan to build supporting commercial and office places through binding bidding and auction, and strive to build a “new coordinate of international coastal city and world-class coastal Bay Area tourism destination” integrating coastal leisure, cultural tourism, artistic experience and ecological office.Oct Group has cooperated with LLA, an international famous design company, to integrate the beautiful ecological environment and highly experienced urban space into the overall planning and architectural design of the project, so as to integrate it with human activities such as business, commerce, culture, leisure and residence.Therefore, LLA architectural design firm to park concept of the “traditional” gives a new interpretation and the connotation, the general and relatively static pure public green leisure places and urban business function such as business culture, make park ecosystem city and nature, the sustainable development of business and leisure, multi-function complementary adhesives, improve the urban quality,It also increases the value of the project.The Happy Harbor project reflects shenzhen’s spirit of development, innovation, vitality and diversity with its expansive bay scenery, interesting park design, quality cultural and artistic facilities, unique landscape architecture, and open and transparent commercial and public Spaces.East coast of design art theme, cultural theme, sports theme three themes such as area, 128 meters of “the light of the bay” super ferris wheel is the country’s first scene capsules throughout the ferris wheel, 20000 square meters of “the sound of the bay” performing arts center is the only can meet the international standards act shenzhen theatre, it is completed will fill the blank of the shenzhen international market performance.The landscape design of this project won the “Oscar” of landscape industry — 2017 ASLA Landscape Planning and Design Award.The reporter also learned from the interview, baoan joy harbor east bank park in a steel, stone and tile are unique, each technology are strict requirements, each stone color density, each seedling are carefully selected, check.It is with such a strict attitude, just have the public in front of this “how to shoot, are very beautiful” coastal resort.The project has also won the title of “Provincial Double-excellent Construction Site”, Shenzhen High Quality Structural Engineering award and many other honors.As the sun sets and the ferris wheel rises above the bay Area and night falls,With dynamic music theme light show cool clever baoan citizens in bands of two or three couples walk or visit friends or family, or the camera they left the baoan with garden photos taken in the spring of the most beautiful smile review/Zheng Lijun coordinating editor/Li Ting new editor/Huang Zhicong proofreading/Gao Chongwen Baoan daily reporter/Hu Jiezhen sourcesHe Liu point share point collection