From March 17, Dali County conducted the second and third rounds of nucleic acid testing drills in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens

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On March 16, weinan Dali county to will be coronavirus pneumonia outbreak work leading group office issued notice, in the county the county primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and county vocational education center, mechanical and electrical industrial schools in Shanxi Province and northwest vocational school (big li campus) to carry out the second, three rounds of nucleic acid detection practice, the second sampling time for March 17 solstice on March 18th,The third sampling period was from March 21 to March 22.All teachers and students are requested to go to the designated sampling sites for sampling in an orderly manner at the specified time according to the unified arrangement of the school and under the guidance of the staff, so as to achieve small batches, non-aggregation, organization and high efficiency.Do not eat 2 hours before sampling, and do not smoke, drink alcohol or chew gum half an hour before sampling.When sampling, obey medical guidance, firmly do not touch the front test bench with the hand, don’t put your belongings in the table on the stage, the use of mobile phones as little as possible, lest produce pollution, after completion of sampling, wearing masks left the scene quickly, not stay on site, gathered themselves together, and don’t spit at random, the individual rubbish must be put into medical waste bin.Those who received COVID-19 vaccine within 48 hours cannot be sampled;If you have fever, cough or other symptoms, please report to the school in advance, take good personal protection, go to the fever clinic of the designated hospital in time, do not go to the centralized sampling site.The cost of the nucleic acid test will be borne by the government.If no notice is received within 24 hours after sampling, the test result will be negative and no written report will be issued.There are no confirmed, suspected or asymptomatic cases in the county.This nucleic acid test is an emergency drill for teachers, students, and staff of primary, secondary, and kindergarten in the county. Residents are invited to take the initiative to participate in the test. Those who refuse to cooperate, disrupt the order, conceal, falsely report, forge information, and maliciously spread false pictures, videos and comments will be held accountable in accordance with the law.Western News Weinan: Zhou Jingli Editor: Sun Jianhang