For the first time, the Lantern Festival qibao ancient town dumplings shop can not eat hot dumplings

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For the Lantern Festival in 2022, the year of the Tiger, Qibao Street in Shanghai is immersed in a festive atmosphere, and several tangyuan shops are bustling with people.According to the staff, because business is too good, today’s shop temporarily cancelled the hall food, only to provide take-out service.However, some old diners believe that such a thing never happened before, as they are used to “buy now and eat now”, which may be related to strengthening prevention of the spread of COVID-19.A reporter from The Paper sought confirmation from the store but did not get a response.Customers wait in line to buy tangyuan at Qibao Old Street in Shanghai, Feb 15, 2022.According to the staff in the store, the business is so good today that the restaurant has temporarily cancelled the meal.Tourists buy tangyuan at Qibao Old Street in Shanghai, Feb 15, 2022.On February 15, 2022, Qibao Old Street, Shanghai, I couldn’t eat in the restaurant. Ms. Hou said it was the first time I met her.A shop assistant makes glutinous rice balls at Qibao Old Street in Shanghai, Feb 15, 2022.Tourists line up to buy glutinous rice balls (tangyuan) at Qibao Old Street in Shanghai, Feb 15, 2022.Every Lantern Festival, Ms. Hou will come to qibao Street to buy tangyuan when she is free.This year, she came to the restaurant with her parents. In the past, she usually chose to eat in the restaurant.The previous day, the Yuyuan Mall in downtown Shanghai continued the traditional customs of the Lantern Festival, and launched the “Old Taste of Shanghai, New Experience of Intangible Cultural Heritage” performance of the Theme of the New Year Lantern Festival, and continued to share the joy of the New Year with the citizens.On the eve of Lantern Festival, many people bring their families or invite their friends to enjoy the lanterns in gardens in a red festive atmosphere.Bright lights on the Zigzag Bridge and Shanghai landmarks in the distance at Yu Garden in Shanghai, Feb 14, 2022.On February 14, 2022, the Yuyuan Garden block in Shanghai was full of New Year flavor, decorated with various lanterns.The year of the Tiger lights in front of the Show Building of Yilou integration of Traditional Chinese culture.Jiuqu Bridge bank, four solar terms nafu lamp group refined the customs of jiangnan solar terms, showing the bustling spring weather.On February 14, 2022, a nine-meter-high zodiac tiger lamp attracts many tourists to view and take photos at the Yu Garden in Shanghai.Two young girls pose for photos at Yu Garden in Shanghai, Feb 14, 2022.On the evening of February 14, 2022, Ms. Fu and her family took a selfie under the statue of the God of wealth in Yu Garden, Shanghai.I will start work tomorrow. I hope my family will have a happy New Year.”Children carry lanterns with “love tiger oil” and “xiaolongbao”, and wear cute “tiger hats”.Yesterday also coincided with Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14 in the West, and many couples strolling in the lanterns to leave good wishes for the future.A good night yuyu early full moon, firetree honeysuckle night.A boy selects tiger lanterns at Yu Garden in Shanghai, Feb 14, 2022.On February 14, 2022, Ms. CAI and her daughter were eating at Yu Garden in Shanghai.”My sister liked last year’s lanterns so much that I brought them around today.”Children wearing tiger-like headdresses take photos at Yu Garden in Shanghai, Feb 14, 2022.Lantern watchers hold New Year themed toys at Yu Garden in Shanghai, Feb 14, 2022.Couples pose for a selfie with lanterns themed with “Love tiger Oil” in front of the Chinese character “Fu” at Yu Garden in Shanghai, Feb 14, visual reporter Wu Dongtu in the prosperous and lively at the same time, the flow of people watching the lights in an orderly way, people wearing masks, the police on duty also seriously perform their duties to maintain the order of the scene.Armed police officers maintain order at yu Garden in Shanghai, Feb 14, 2022.The paper visual trainee reporter Wu Dongtu February 14, 2022, Shanghai Yu Garden, Huangpu district police in the scene to maintain order, divert the passenger flow.People sell lanterns and other goods at Yu Garden in Shanghai, Feb 14, 2022.Wu Dongtu, Visual trainee reporter at (This article is from For more original information, please download APP)