“Fattest jade girl” yinger: was named Hawick Lau’s fattest heroine, after the explosion and Fu Xinbo married AA

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In 2009, Ying er was blocked by security guards in the “Pirate Love” press conference outside the door, dressed up so that she collapsed and cried.In the press conference, Huang Shengyi is holding Yang Zi tightly and smiling to the camera.Yinger finally a snivel a tear shouted Yang zong, heard the sound of Yang Zi came out to yinger rescue.After the incident yinger came forward to explain that it was the studio’s poor communication just did not let her in.But legend has it that Yinger was locked out by Huang Shengyi, because Yangzi’s preference for Yinger was obvious to all.In 2009, the 20-year-old Ying er signed into Yang Zi’s brand, become his strength to hold the new man.Yang Zi abandon original name of ying ying “Liu Ying” too rustic, look for geomantic master to help her inname ying.YingEr follow Yang zi in various high-end party since then, enjoying the Yang zi meticulous care, Yang zi not only holding a birthday party for YingEr personally, also with YingEr “intimate” behavior in public, and YingEr starred in “love” of piracy is built for her, Yang zi $50 million in the film, Yang zi more than yourself when in a supporting role, the wife Eva huang also sidelined.Looking at Yang Zi for their busy, will be a lot of resources to send to the door, ying only feel comfortable, because before the debut, around the day is too bitter.Yinger was born in an ordinary family in Changde, Hunan province in 1988, but her parents still tried their best to make Yinger learn vocal music and dance at an early age, and became a signed actor of Changde TV station.But small city opportunity is little after all, then yinger mother resigns from work with yinger go north drift.In those days, mother and daughter had to squeeze into the basement to go out only dare to take the bus, no bus to take the Number 11.But there was still no progress.When they finally heard that Hunan was going to hold a “star sister election”, they bought standing tickets overnight and went to Changsha.Fortunately, I finally got the silver award and signed in to tianyu Media.But the yinger that does not have a background to do not have human connection takes film and television resource very hard, then Yinger runs to learn performance, be admitted by drama finally.During going to school, ying er began a casual life, to be able to take good role, ran no less than 100 play crew, still be invited even by producer to play “Russian tetris”.So say encounter force hold oneself of Yang zi, ying er say not happy just strange.Just be in Yang zi “below protection”, ying er ignored figure management, carelessly become fat ball.When her contract expires, disaster ensues.Two, the female star in order to lose weight to oneself how ruthless?No one dares to say first.In 2017, Yinger revealed on the show that she ate only one Lao Gan Ma pill a day in order to lose weight, and then stayed in bed for a month.Although yinger achieved some success, it led to a decline in immunity, and even more severe rebound.However, yinger has gone far beyond this extreme path to reduce weight.Turn back the time 2011, at that time ying er and Hawick lau starred in “snow of thousand mountains Twilight”, look at liu Kai Wei in drama laborious jiuniu Erhu efforts to embrace the ying er of 140 catties, the audience shout hot eyes.So some netizens launched a survey: the pure heroine of a romantic drama is fat, can you accept it?This one topic blew up public opinion directly, the waist of ying er makes topic center by right of modelling of old mama, double chin, round, be criticized not only get all over the body, still like to carry “fat sea” title.In fact, Wing became hawick Lau’s fattest heroine because the weight-loss pills ying took were discontinued when she was filming, and she had to wear a lot of clothes to look bloated. Wing apologized repeatedly on weibo.As the heat gradually down, ying er’s psychological shadow is more and more big, because of the outsiders point to let her feel inferior, broad body shape also affected her career.Then ying er is crazily reduce weight more: eat leben or pomelo only, but this toss and toss also ushered in evil force feedback: play is photographed half faint, walk not to move a road, memory recession.Fortunately, yinger chose sports to reduce weight finally, successfully from 140 catties thin to 90 catties.Because this originally sees not the director of ying er also threw olive branch in succession, she successfully starred in “the spring of ice and fire”, “jubilant ground qiao enemy” wait for drama.Yinger’s long-held shame was finally avenged, but not long after that, yinger’s Weibo account was shocked by a post: Not only claiming that the dramas she shot were good dramas, but also praising her own quality, beauty and temperament.On the other side, yinger, who realized she had lost her vest, immediately deleted the text and apologized, saying that the staff had cut the wrong number.Whether the broker cut the wrong number is true is unknown.But thin ying er is really in inferiority, until he met.Three, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau can get married thanks to Yinger.In December 2013, ying seems to drop wisdom, Yang Mi was pregnant in front of the media, Yang Mi unmarried pregnant news swept the network, Yang Mi and Liu Kaiwei fans have begun to push marriage.But the Yang Mi that is in career ascendant period at this time still is in sunken girl person is set, this wave of ying er breaks the news to Yang Mi 100 harm but have no profit.So after public opinion fermentation Yang Mi quickly sent agent response: Yang Mi is not familiar with ying er, do not understand why ying er say so, even if the future pregnant, will not be announced by ying er.This wave hits face to come too fast, ying er is helpless can issue an apology only to say, oneself is hearsay, cannot do a number.However, Yang Mi fans urged Yang Mi and Hawick Lau to marry, while yelling at Yinger, until Yang Mi married in January 2014, June after the birth of a child, Yinger’s situation improved.What Yinger said was true, but it didn’t matter because she was in new trouble.In July 2015, Fu xinbo and Yinger went to a hotel to stay together, and carefully closed the curtain, the result soon went to the hotel with a young model Wang Liangya.The expected paparazzi after breaking up, Wang Liangya said he wanted to break up with Fu Xinbo, and ying said he was wronged, is Fu Xinbo has been in the goodwill.But Fu Xinbo lay dead for a month before he came out to respond: “I don’t know anyone except Ying ‘er.”Therefore, Fu Xinbo was also labeled as a man who cheated and played with women’s feelings.In the public think ying and Fu Xinbo do not have what contact, two people in 2017 suddenly official declared love, the next year to get married but also hold a baby.But when two people on the program was spread discord, ying er to Xie Na crying about his postpartum fear of not getting play, feel very anxious, also mentioned his pregnancy with Fu Xinbo AA.This netizen opened fire on Fu Xinbo, accusing him of being a man without responsibility.But Yinger immediately next husband, a reply to a netizen, said Fu Xinbo is a good man, is not to speak clearly.However, Fu was forced to quit his weibo account.Although many people are negative about yinger and Fu Xinbo’s marriage, Yinger occasionally plays, takes care of children, shows affection and is filled with happiness on her face.Maybe she’s in a better position now than in the spotlight.