Domestic BMW X5 launched, with 2.0T/3.0T power, 100,000 cheaper than imports, 605,000 starting sale

2022-06-18 0 By

Recently BMW Hua Chen Group announced that the new domestic BMW X5 long wheelbase models officially launched, the official price range is 60,500-77500 yuan, compared to the imported BMW X5 699,900 to 839,900 yuan of price, domestic BMW X5 fully cheaper 100,000 yuan, have to say or very attractive, the new BMW X5 launched four models,The power has 2.0T and 3.0T versions to choose from, and the model is positioned as a luxury medium and large SUV.From the appearance of the level, the new domestic BMW X5 continue to use the imported X5 appearance design, but increased in size, front part is still known as BMW family-run China open, also is what we call “double kidney” China open design, and size is larger, let more recognizable face, before looks more visual impact feeling, in addition,The new car is equipped with intelligent laser headlight that drives the sense beam, and the x-shaped blue decoration is set inside the lamp group, which looks full of personality. It supports automatic near-far light function and has a irradiation distance of 500 meters. On both sides of the front grille of the front of the car, the l-shaped decoration strip is adopted to increase the fashion atmosphere of the front of the car.The new domestic BMW X5 brought this time, body size and wheelbase lengthening is an important highlight of the new car, which is also the reason why it is named as long wheelbase model. The length, width and height of the new car are 5060/2004/1779mm, and the wheelbase reaches 3105mm, fully reflecting the size advantages of medium and large luxury SUV.Compared with the imported BMW X5, the wheelbase and body length of the new domestic BMW X5 have increased by 130mm, the body width remains the same, and the height has increased by 3mm slightly. The wheelbase of BMW X5 after the extension of the wheelbase is equal to that of BMW X7, which further improves the market attraction of BMW X5.In the rear part of the vehicle design, BMW X5 adopts the design of imported X5, such as full LED 3D suspended taillight and bilateral dual exhaust design, which are reflected in the domestic BMW X5. In the rear marking part, the words “BMW Brilliance” and the “L” of xDrive 30Li/40Li,It clearly reflects the domestic attributes of BMW Brilliance X5. The rear door of the vehicle also adopts the way of opening at both ends to support electric control, which is convenient enough to use. Moreover, the trunk opening is large enough to take and put objects is very convenient, and large objects can also be easily handled.See brilliance BMW X5 interior design, or the familiar design style, the color is a classic red and black collocation, make the car appear energetic enough, space layout, overall coordination, appear showing the overall feeling of concise, however, did not affect brilliance BMW X5 interior texture, especially leather seats and a variety of wood grain decorative style,BMW Brilliance X5 has a dual 12.3-inch LCD screen and can interact with the HDU head-up system, showing a strong sense of science and technology.The BMW iDrive multimedia interactive system is built into the central control screen, and the BMW intelligent personal assistant is built in, which can easily interact with the mobile phone and provide WIFI hotspots for the mobile phone, including remote engine starting and other functions, which can be easily realized through the personal assistant. There is also the automatic driving assistance system and automatic parking system of the new car.Further enhance the vehicle’s safety and convenience, in addition, the new car has the window control, crystal gear lever and crossover vehicle design, not only to enhance the interior sense of luxury, also improve the practicability of the vehicle, and increase of vehicles wheelbase 130 mm, mainly promoted the rear seat legroom, collocation is the platform of high moderate, greatly enhance the user’s car.Finally, the power configuration is widely expected. BMW Brilliance X5 gives a satisfactory answer. The new car will provide 2.0T and 3.0T engine versions, among which the 3.0T displacement is a six-cylinder engine, which meets the pursuit of many owners for ultimate power.The 2.0T (xDrive 40Li) engine has a maximum power of 180kW, a peak torque of 400N·m and a zero hundred acceleration of 7.3 seconds. The 3.0T (xDrive 40Li) engine has a maximum power of 245kW, a peak torque of 450N·m and a zero hundred acceleration of 6 seconds.Both engines are paired with an 8-speed hand-operated all-in-one transmission and a well-timed four-wheel drive system, as well as adaptive air suspension for ultimate power and driving.Conclusion:The biggest bright spot of the new BRILLIANCE BMW X5 is undoubtedly the increase of the wheelbase, so that the vehicle is more tall and practical, followed by the more close to the people of the price, so that we can experience the BMW X5 luxury car experience, in the domestic BMW X5 listing, the domestic market will replace the imported BMW X5 position, for the majority of owners,They can not only experience a new feeling in BMW BRILLIANCE X5 body, but also get real benefits, believe that the new BMW Brilliance X5 can shine in the domestic market.