Attention zhenjiang people!Weather for the Spring Festival holiday

2022-06-18 0 By

New Year’s Eve, you have a holiday, get up…..Let me see, there are a few people and xiaobian, stick to the post!Spring Festival small long holiday, we are most concerned about, than how the weather, xiaobian take you code good!According to the National Weather forecast issued by the Central Meteorological Observatory during the Spring Festival holiday on the first day to the second day, southern Jiangsu has small to medium snow or sleet snow in some areas of snow, local snowstorm city meteorological observatory forecast, the Spring Festival holiday, the city alternating with rain and sunshine overall temperature is stable, but the rain process may appear in the conversion of snow and rain process.The rain and snow that started on the second day of the New Year will continue for two days until it gradually stops on the third day of the New Year, and will return at the end of the holiday.What?!The second day of the first month, the third day, the sixth day to snow?Do you still believe that?Xiaobian will continue to pay attention to the weather changes released by the observatory timely release of forecast and early warning information we do a good job in cold and warm at the same time must not forget to do a good job of personal protection travel wear masks safe and festive brimming old Year, tiger tiger alive and welcome the New Year.Zhenjiang Livelihood channel wish you a happy New Year, the year of the Tiger!Majestic tiger and Meng Meng tiger, which one do you prefer, People’s Livelihood channel New Year’s Card welcome to save and forward!