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Plan to take wedding photos this year, style too much do not know how to choose ❓??Today, we will share with you nine groups of wedding photo styles that last year were able to withstand seeing people. Last scene was internal scene + external scene, and the film output rate was high and classic last year️〰️〰️〰️?Last year was the year for the year of Fairies️ Zhengzhou wedding photography top ten list choose which good, Zhengzhou romantic wedding photos, in Zhengzhou custom wedding photos, Zhengzhou wedding photography top ten list 1 indoor light retro (minimalist portrait) ✅ to person-based, emotional heavy?With simple lens need to present the most pure love nature · 2 ⃣ xi married woman ️ ✅ parents love to shoot ✅ parents love with simple action, sets, props and nifty 3 ⃣ claborate-style painting, atmosphere, elegant, implicative, elegant elegant is blue wedding style, 4 ⃣ happy marry ✅ break traditional Chinese style style of Chinese style wedding photos?Namely, to get the elders like and in line with the aesthetic of the new generation · Zhengzhou wedding photography price, Zhengzhou wedding photography package price, Zhengzhou photography studio price, Zhengzhou wedding photography group purchase, Zhengzhou wedding photography shop ranking 5 retro republic of China (Republican Cheongsam) without reason last yearTake it ‼ ️️ classic however, each girl wearing cheongsam has a different charm ·6 loose loose wind ✅ natural and comfortable?Interpreting the love of newlyweds through emotion and body language ·7 one’s fresh art, art and cure presenting romantic and sweet atmosphere ·8 one’s pure wants ✅ Light and shade composition presenting senior atmosphere?Sexy and graceful figure contour bold portrayal of love never need to hide ·9 indoor minimalist wind (minimalism) ✅ The simpler the more visible ✅ Removing complexity and simplification is also a kind of light effect and playful small interaction under beautiful ✅ simple scenery, senior sense, ritual sense, mood sense before figure and year️ suitable for all new couples take wedding photos every group is very good-looking ~ you like that group style most?Can leave a message to comment ha ~ zhengzhou photography store ranking, photo studio, zhengzhou zhengzhou wedding dress store ranking among the top 10, zhengzhou group purchase price list of photography, zhengzhou public praise good wedding dress shop Wedding photos are carrying belong to two people become your memory in the picture that was easily touch better let our wedding photos become precious and special don’t even wanna watch it hundreds weaving be bored with?