Zhangjiakou Qiaoxi: District Civil Affairs Bureau joins hands with social organizations to help rural revitalization

2022-06-17 0 By

Winter warm feeling full world.On January 24th, in order to effectively promote the “I do practical things for the masses”, promote the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, and highlight the responsibility of social organizations, qiaoxi Civil Affairs Bureau actively organized 22 social organizations under its jurisdiction to come to Dongwanzi Village, Dongyaozi Town.The event donated 16,000 yuan to Dongwanzi Village, bringing rice, flour, oil and other daily necessities to the needy people.In order to ensure the poor people warm winter, ji Jun, director of the district civil Affairs Bureau, and the heads of some social organizations, accompanied by village cadres, went to the villagers’ homes to learn about their health conditions in detail and extend their best wishes for the New Year.Auspicious snow to welcome the Winter Olympics, but also to the villagers travel inconvenience, in order to ensure the safety of travel, more than 60 volunteers picked up shovels, brooms and other tools on both sides of the road snow to clean up, for the clean rural living environment to contribute to a force.Through the launch of this activity, to drive social forces into public welfare activities, so that more vulnerable groups feel the care of the Party and the care of all sectors of society.In the next step, the District Civil Affairs Bureau will give full play to its responsibilities and help revitalize the countryside, bringing a warm sun in winter and spreading love to the world.Source: the district civil affairs bureau editor: Zhang Yanru editor: Chen wei Contribute gao Yang email: qxccbgs@163.com blueprint drawing is sheer forward a figure understand | to write a new chapter of all-round construction of socialism modernization southwest