To Lost Youth (32)

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After chemistry class that day, Qian stayed with me most of the time in school, and he gave me a ride on his bicycle after school in the afternoon. Unconsciously, we had become the best friends.A few weeks later the teacher rearranged the seats according to the height of the students, so that I and Qian were separated, he still in the back and I in front of him two seats apart.In those days, there was no school lunch, so we brought our own meals.Every day, after we had lunch, the boys would run to the playground to play basketball.Qian in the basketball field like a spirit shuttle, move such as rabbit, become a dazzling hotspot on the field.He always smiles to his classmates who support him when he hits the shot, and then raises his right hand in the air like a soccer player, making a V gesture, beaming with pride between his eyebrows.Qian’s vigorous posture and superb ball skills won a cheer from the onlookers. In this atmosphere, my mood also slowly got better.It was September, with crisp autumn skies and clear clouds.The weeping willows on campus are dancing in the autumn wind, graceful and graceful.Whenever there were any activities in the school and class, the teacher would ask Qian to help.And Qian wanted to call me, even after class to the toilet, Qian also want to call me to go together.Sometimes I am very reluctant, qian see me not happy appearance on the playful smile said: “stay in the classroom more depressed ah, let you come out to breathe the fresh air is not good?It is a dog bite Lv Dongbin, not good people.”He winked at me.”Who’s the dog?I think you’re a dog.””Okay, I’m a dog, okay?”He looked at me with a smile and took on the look of a puppy.”Woof, woof, woof.”He kept scratching me while barking like a dog.I laughed and ran away, but he grabbed my clothes and kept Shouting, “Gotcha, gotcha, watch where you go.”Then he laughed….One afternoon self-study class, Qian walked to my side and said softly: “Xiaolin, go out for a walk.”He glanced at me and then gave me a pat on the shoulder.We walked out of the classroom and went to the toilet.The toilets in those days were open to the air and the walls were not very high.Qian stood on the cement platform of the urinal, took off his trousers and looked at me and said: “It’s really good, Xiaolin, there is no one in the toilet today, shall we have a try?””A race?For what?”I was confused.”Take a piss and see which one of us goes far.””Hum, true childish, how old, still play such a game.””How can you say childish?Childlike innocence.Come on, let’s have a contest.””Who can compete with you?You are so strong and so tall. Of course you spread it far.””Don’t say that. You can’t judge a book by its cover.Hurry up.”Qian looked at me.”All are middle school students, still playing children’s games, really do not understand, do not know how your head is thinking.”I shook my head.”This has what, middle school student how?Middle school students should show their manhood.””Style?Oh, you’re so funny. How can you play a game like this and still be a man?I’m impressed.”I smiled helplessly.”Laughing at what?You know what?This game can self-check the health of the body, if there is no a strong body, how to serve the motherland in the future?”Qian stared at me with reason.”Now, don’t sing the high song, you compare yourself.””Just for fun?Come, I’ll wait for you, quick.”Qian urged me.Looking at qian in the hands of that head held high, ready to go, my body crisp like electric bursts of ups and downs.”That……All right, you go ahead and show me.””Well, watch me. I’ll show you how high and how far I can sweep.”1. He was proud and confident.He grimaced at me, then mustered his strength, thrusted his hips forward, and a bright jet of liquid shot over the opposite wall in a graceful arc against the bright sky.Qian lip Angle raised high, full male, right hand holding his left and right strafing, in the bright sunshine, like tiannunia scattered flowers, particularly spectacular.He kept looking back at me with a mean smile on his face.Finished, qian panted.”Alas!It’s really hard work, isn’t it?Little brother I am fierce.””Good, good.”I nodded.”Xiaolin, it’s your turn.”Qian said while lifting his trousers.”Qian, good, worthy of being the sports handsome boy of our school.Urinate so high, so far, admire.””Stop being nice. It’s your turn. Come on.”Wear proud.I looked at Qian.”You won, won’t you?It’s getting late, you see. Let’s go back.””Go back, are you kidding me?”Qian stared big eyes.”How could I fool you?Now, I really don’t. What do you want me to do?I’ll see when I have one.””No, you lie to me, today must scatter.”He bit his lip in a wicked smile.I felt my face warm.Qian saw me silent and laughed.”Xiaolin, why are you blushing?They’re all boys. Here, LET me help you.”And with that he set to work.We were entangled with each other, how could I be the opponent of Qian, several rounds, my hands were firmly grasped, qian’s handsome deep eyes half smiled.”You’ve had enough of mine. I’d like to see yours today.Go to the toilet every day, always cover up their own, I just don’t believe what you are different from us.”‘And he released my hand and seized it with all his might.Suddenly, Qian’s hand grabbed mine and I grabbed his.For a moment, time seemed to stand still, we looked at each other, silently looking at each other…I don’t know how long it took for our hands to drop at the same time…Then the bell rang, and we went out together….Documentary serial to be continued