Seamless link mulan scenic area group, “fast forward slow tour” to enhance the play experience, Huangpi qianchuan central loop officially opened to traffic

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Yangtze River Daily Wuhan client January 30 – January 30, huangpi front Chuanzhong ring road officially opened to traffic, “one foot accelerator” drive huangpi traffic, tourism, industry speed up development.Qianchuan Central Ring Road is the first county-level urban ring road in Hubei province, with a total length of 20 kilometers, linking several important national and provincial arterial roads.With the opening of the central ring road, huangpi half – hour traffic circle preliminary completion.After the opening ceremony, the bus passes through qianchuan Central Ring Road overpass.Huangpi Qianzhongchuan Ring road is constructed according to the standard of first-class highway and urban expressway. The main road has 6 lanes in both directions, and the secondary road has 4 lanes in both directions.The whole line has taoyuan Overpass, Huangxiao Overpass, Qianchuan interchange and other 8 interchange nodes, linking mulan Avenue, Daihuang Highway, Xinshi Highway, Huangwu Road, 318 national Road and other trunk roads, half an hour to reach Mulan cultural ecological tourism area, long-term vehicle daily traffic is expected to reach 65,000 vehicles.Qianchuan is the main urban area of Huangpi and also the “big hub” of transportation in the area.Before that, from Wuhan to Huangpi most of the vehicles to travel through the city, and then lead to all directions, meet holiday traffic congestion.”The central loop is like a moving ribbon that goes around the main downtown area of Maekawa.Through this road, vehicles can quickly lead to the four directions of huangpi, east, west, north and south, which not only improves the traffic speed in and out of Huangpi, but also effectively alleviate traffic congestion in Qianchuan.Huangpi District transportation bureau director CAI Chonghua introduced.After the passage of the central ring road in front of Sichuan, the Huangpi area can basically achieve half an hour access.Zhang jiangang works in the Museum of Road and Bridge (ln the museum) of Huangpi Road Bureau. He lives and works in Qianchuan Street during the weekdays. He comes to his old house on the east side of the museum.”After the opening of the Central Ring Road, we can cross the river directly from dingyuan Bridge, shortening the road from 8 kilometers to 3 kilometers, and cutting the time in half.”Qianchuan central ring line connects a number of key livelihood facilities and industrial projects.The enclosed area of qianchuan central ring road covers an area of about 25 square kilometers, including huangpi No. 1 Middle School, Grade A General Hospital combined with pinghe Epidemic Disease and other key facilities for people’s livelihood.The road also connects the Yangtze River New Area, Wuhan rail transit Industry Innovation Base and Ganlushan Cultural Innovation City.”Qianchuanzhong ring road runs through the main axis of the industrial park, only 300 meters away from the nearest entrance of the industrial park, providing great convenience for the logistics of enterprises in the park, but also for employees to travel,” said Duan, manager of operations department of Wuhan Rail transit Equipment Manufacturing Base Development Co., LTD.”Taking wuhan Rail Transit Industry Innovation Base as an example, products and personnel of enterprises along the line can realize rapid circulation through qianchuan Central Ring Road, which will promote industrial development within at least 1 km along the line.”Tsai said.Overlooking the whole Huangpi area from high above, qianchuan Central Loop is like an “accelerator”, which is installed on the only way to Mulan Scenic area.Through huangpi front Chuanzhong ring line, ganlu Mountain traffic to G318 national road, can quickly reach mulan grassland, Mulan water town and other popular eastern scenic spots.Huangxiao overpass through huangxiao road, you can enjoy yunwu Mountain and other western scenic spots.Through the Taoyuan overpass to Mulan Avenue, can reach Mulan Mountain, Mulan Tianchi, Mulan, and so on the northern landscape group.Through the pagoda traffic to the new 10 highway, you can go to taoyuan Jiparent-child town, Hankou town and other southern emerging cultural and business landmarks.”The first thing that the smooth traffic brings is a better experience for tourists. We expect the number of tourists to increase by at least 10,000 during holidays after the opening of the ring road.”Lu Ming, assistant to the general manager of Mulan Grassland Scenic spot, is confident that “after the opening of the new route, tourists can pass directly from the outside of Qianchuan, which is expected to shorten more than half an hour.”The opening of new roads also promotes the development of new tourism products in major scenic spots.Mulan Tianchi store general manager Peng Liang introduced, “after the opening of the loop line city tourists can save more than an hour, can prolong their play time in the scenic area, but also conducive to our cooperation with Jin Li gou, Mulan and other surrounding scenic areas, the development of two-day tour and other types of tourism products.”Relevant person in charge of Huangpi district said, qianchuan central loop connecting Wuhan urban area and Huangpi Mulan scenic area group, open to traffic will effectively boost huangpi district rural revitalization and regional tourism upgrade.”Every time I come back in the past few years, I can feel the tremendous changes in my hometown. It is very convenient to go shopping in the main urban area of Wuhan or to play in the street and township scenic spots.”Just from Shenzhen back to Huangpi home for the Spring Festival yu Di sighed.In recent years huangpi district vigorously implement traffic strong district strategy, new and rebuilt all kinds of roads 2500 kilometers, the north fourth ring line built open to traffic, wu-da high-speed main body completed, subway qianchuan line at full speed.At the ceremony.Up to now, there are 11 roads and 68 lanes connecting the main city of Wuhan in this area, and the main framework of the road network with five vertical, eight horizontal, five fire and three rings has been basically completed.The density of grade highway ranks the top in the province, and the planned mileage of rail transit ranks the first in wuhan. It is the first national demonstration county of “Four Good Rural Roads” in Wuhan.”Great breakthroughs in transportation drive great economic development. The convenient transportation network not only gives residents more sense of happiness and gain, but also effectively reduces distribution costs, promotes the development of emerging industries along the route, successfully attracts a large number of well-known enterprises to settle down, and promotes the leapfrog development of regional economy.”Huangpi district relevant person in charge said.(Changjiang Daily reporter Li Ting apprentice reporter Qin Jing correspondent Qiu Shu Hu Sijie) Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: