Metaphorical meaning in the movie “A Week without death, full Refund”

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“A Week Without Death, Full Refund” is a comedy directed by Tom Edmunds, starring Anulin Barnard, Tom Wilkinson, Freya Meiff, Marion Bailly and others, which has a metaphorical meaning.William Morris (Anulin Barnard), a young writer, tries to kill himself after being rejected several times for his book.He tried to commit suicide several times, but when he was about to jump off a bridge over the Thames, he was stopped by an old man.The old man handed over his business card and said that he was a member of the killer association. As long as the client signed the contract, he could be killed within a week. Moreover, he was killed by surprise, so as not to be in great pain.So William Morris, who wants to commit suicide, signs a contract with Leslie (Tom Wilkinson), an old killer, and pays Leslie to kill him within a week, with a full refund if he doesn’t die.Leslie, the old assassin, was nearly 80, his hands were a little shaky, but he didn’t want to retire. Once he signed the contract, he had to execute it immediately.He tried to shoot William Morris with a sniper rifle, but he accidentally killed someone else.William Morris received a call from his publisher saying that one of his manuscripts had been sold well and would be published soon.William Morris did not know that Leslie was secretly targeting him, and the female editor Ali met.Of course, William Morris and Ellie hid under the table while Leslie killed someone by mistake and didn’t want to die.Lesley, without knowing it, came to the door with a gun to kill William Morris.William Morris was talking to Ellie at home, and he thought of her as his girlfriend, talking to her, telling her that he had signed the death contract.They were on the run together when Leslie came in.Lesley was old, unable to complete company appraisals, and sometimes didn’t even turn in her Browning pistol and thought she did, clearly having a memory problem.Unable to do big jobs, he looked for retail investors.When you finally find William Morris, how can you give up?But the more he persisted in killing William Morris, the more he showed his clumsiness and ineffectiveness in his old age.Harvey, the boss of the Killers’ Association, sees that Leslie’s mission cannot be fulfilled and tells him to quit while giving him a gold seat watch.But Lesley didn’t want to stop. She was determined to finish the job.Harvey sends a ruthless killer after William Morris, and when Leslie points a gun at William morris, the killer shoots Leslie.And when the killer was about to shoot William Morris, Leslie did not die, raised the gun and killed the killer, also terminated the contract with William Morris.Harvey came to talk to Leslie about the mission failure.They appeared to be friendly, but in fact they were at war.Under the table, both men stole their pistols.Leslie’s wife Penny shows up in time, not only gentle and considerate, but also once participated in the South County embroidery contest and won the championship, holding his award-winning works to show, in fact, he has hidden a sharp knife, to be in Lesley’s murder is not good, come in handy.Thank god Harvey and Leslie shook hands, or there would have been a big fight and a lot of casualties.There are a lot of jokes in the film. William Morris is not successful in his book, so he has to commit suicide. He has to ask a killer company to kill him and sign a contract.Who wants to die, but William Morris did.And the metaphor for death is that when your career isn’t working, life isn’t fun.When his manuscript was published, Ellie, the editor, became his girlfriend, and he didn’t want to die.The metaphorical meaning is that when his career takes off and he finds love, of course he feels life has meaning and he doesn’t want to die.Lesley’s career as a killer doesn’t go well in her later years. The metaphor is that people work all their lives but are still subject to performance reviews, even the killers of killer companies.Apparently, Lesley didn’t do her job, so she needs a full refund.And their superior Harvey does not want to refund, be about to send more severe killer to complete the task, killer was killed by Leslie, means the fierce competition inside the company.Even if Leslie didn’t finish her job, she deserved to retire, not be blackmailed by Harvey, and not be replaced by a worse killer.William Morris survives and saves a boy from being hit by a car, which knocks him to the ground.The metaphor is that he has found meaning in his life and may have already died at the scene of a car crash.He finally realized that it was a good thing to be alive.